9 Hacks That Make Waking Up Easier

My father is a full-time musician, and my mother is a jewelry designer who gets her best ideas right as she lies down to sleep. Needless to say, I don’t have the genes of a morning person and can always use a few tips on how to make waking up easier and much less painful. Even if you’ve been a night owl all your life, there are tricks for waking up in the morning faster that can make a positive difference in your morning routine.

I know what you’re thinking: “Maria, my bed is one of the most pleasurable wads of fabric and stuffing on the face of this earth, especially in the morning, so why would I want to know how to get up even earlier in the morning, in lieu of adulty things?” While that lazy early morning twilight state truly is a wonderful feeling, there are some serious benefits of getting up early, and they’re even backed by science. Studies have shown that early risers sleep better at night, and are more productive, optimistic, and successful. Waking up early can even improve your health. Want those perks? It turns out that it’s pretty easy to hack your schedule so that you, too, can become an early bird.

Early risers have an entirely different set of habits than night owls, and a good handful of these habits start the night before. For a satisfying rest and an energized morning, check out these hacks and tips that'll help even the people who really cannot drag themselves out of bed when the alarm rings.

1. Hack Your Circadian Rhythm With Light Therapy

NatureBright SunTouch Ion Therapy Lamp, $50, Amazon

If you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, your circadian rhythm could be to blame. However, it is possible to hack your sleep through the manipulation of light, and this NatureBright ion therapy lamp can definitely help. It mimics the effect that a sunny blue sky day has on your mood, and utilizes negative ion technology to give you an immediate boost of energy. It uses a powerful UV-free light, and reviewers love it for both alleviating anxiety and balancing their natural rhythms.

2. Sleep With Your Head Elevated And Your Spine Aligned

Tri-Core Standard Support Pillow, $41, Amazon

Every great morning starts the night before, and it’s speculated that sleeping with your head elevated and your spine supported leads to better sleep and less pain during the day. This Tri-Core standard support pillow cradles your neck, elevates your head, and keeps your spine aligned, whether you’re a side or back sleeper. It relieves neck and back pain, as well as snoring, and leads to a deeper and more comfortable rest every single night.

3. Wake Up To The Smell Of Fresh-Brewed Coffee

Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker, $23, Amazon

There's nothing more motivating than the smell of a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning – especially if you don’t have to actively make it. This Mr. Coffee programmable coffeemaker can be set to brew as many as 24 hours ahead of time, so the smell of fresh coffee fills your bedroom. And since it’s easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to store, it’s great for college students, small households, or people who need that little extra kick in the morning.

4. Get A Before-Bed Hobby That Doesn’t Use A Screen

Colorama Magic Path Coloring Book, $18, Amazon

Most people use their phones or laptops to wind down, but an influx of blue light before bed stops melatonin release, which inhibits restful sleep. The solution? Work on a screen-free hobby to wind down before bed, like this Colorama coloring book. It has more than 100 beautiful and intricate designs that soothe and relax you, like gardens and tropical paradises, and it comes with five double-sided colored pencils to get started.

5. De-Clutter Your Mind By Writing Down Your Plans

Bloom Daily Goal Planner, $15, Amazon

Your brain is constantly mulling over the things it needs to do, so writing down your goals and plans helps take the pressure off, bringing you a more restful sleep and a more relaxed morning. This Bloom daily goal planner has room for daily and monthly planning, as well as tons of space to write out specifics. The cover is durable, but flexible, so you can take it anywhere, and this year-long calendar starts in August, so get yours soon.

6. Keep Your Room Clean And Allergen-Free For Better Sleep

PLEXXA Baby Crocodile Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, $15, Amazon

A new study indicates that a cleaner bedroom environment is linked to better sleep — and that goes double for people who can’t breathe well, due to dust and allergens in the air. This adorable baby crocodile bamboo charcoal air purifier is filled with activated charcoal, which absorbs all sorts of smells, impurities, and dust in your bedroom. Give it a name, throw it on your bedside table, and enjoy your new little freshening friend.

7. Find The Right Blends Of Essential Oils

Sleep Tight Synergy Essential Oil, $11, Amazon; Alive Synergy Essential Oil, $7, Amazon

I use essential oils for just about everything — and getting more sleep and waking up easier are no exceptions. Both Sleep Tight essential oil and Alive essential oil contain 100 percent pure, natural blends from herbs that interact with your body and nervous system in a healthy way. Sleep Tight is ideal for bedtime, as it helps you feel sleepy and relaxed, and Alive gives you a boost in the morning for an energized and uplifted day. You can use both of them with a diffuser, or put them directly on your skin.

8. Motivate Yourself With An Awesome Breakfast

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $20, Amazon

For me, food’s always been a huge motivator. If you know there’s a delicious, protein-packed breakfast that could be ready for you in less than five minutes, you’ll get out of bed real quick. The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker cooks everything from eggs to ham to bread in one simple appliance, and all of the parts and layers slide out and go straight into the dishwasher for simple clean-up. Tons of reviewers say it’s easily their favorite kitchen gadget, as who doesn’t have five minutes to spare for a bacon, egg, and cheese?

9. Exercise Your Way To Better Rest

Fitbit One Wireless Activity And Sleep Tracker, $75, Amazon

Physical activity doesn’t just boost your mood and energy levels during the day — studies also show it can provide a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality. Monitor both your activity and your sleep patterns with this Fitbit One wireless tracker. Not only does it keep track of your steps, distance, and calories burned, but it records how long and how well you sleep at night. It can also be used to set goals or wake you up in the morning, and because it’s rechargeable and syncs up to your smartphone, it’s super easy to use.

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