16 Things Former 'RHOA' Star NeNe Leakes Has Been Up To Since Leaving The Show

Whenever NeNe Leakes is referenced, I can't help but hear her "I'm rich, b*tch" catchphrase in my head. NeNe has managed to do something that so few Real Housewives stars have pulled off: creating a well-known persona beyond the reality show. NeNe has not left Real Housewives of Atlanta behind entirely and still appears as a Friend of the Housewives, but she has been doing so much more outside of the show during the past year that it can be pretty tough to keep up with all of her business ventures. Nevertheless, I can see why she is "rich, b*tch." This woman truly does have a lot going on in her life.

What has NeNe been up to? Instead of following in the footsteps of the other Real Housewives women by joining every reality show possible, NeNe has turned into a true entrepreneur. Watch out Bethenny Frankel, NeNe is coming for you. She has her foot in just about everything and she is really building an empire.

Whether you love NeNe or hate her, you have to admit that she is a pretty impressive as a business woman — just check out everything she has going on.

1. She Has Her Own Mobile App

Now people can channel their inner NeNe in everyday conversation by using her own NeNe-themed emojis when they text. The emojis include characters with her likeness and some of her signature catchphrases in case people just don't feel like typing out actual words

2. She Has A Comedy Show

If you thought NeNe was hilarious during her on-camera interviews or on social media, you can watch a continuous stream of the RHOA alum throwing shade since NeNe is now a stand-up comedian.

3. She Hosts Fashion Police

NeNe always has something to say about everyone and their appearance, so it is not at all shocking that she is the perfect fit to host Fashion Police.

4. She Is A Speaker At The The Ultimate Women's Expo

The mother-of-two is all about women's empowerment, has been through so much, and has such a great way with words, so she was a perfect choice to be a speaker at the Ultimate Women's Expo.

5. She Starred On Broadway

NeNe has proven that she is not just entertaining for being herself. She has really thrived as a singer, actor, and dancer on Broadway, starring in Cinderella. Does this make her a triple threat? Quadruple threat? Quintuple threat? It's hard to keep track at this point.

7. She Has A New Website

The 48-year-old is officially a celeb now that she has her own lifestyle website with topics that her fans will care about like celebrities, plastic surgery, and fashion.

8. She Appeared In Kim Kardashian's Video Game

As if Kim Kardashian's video game wasn't already taking over fans' phones, now you can play with NeNe and Kim. Talk about a reality TV power duo.

9. She Gets Paid To Post On Instagram

Just like her reality show peers, NeNe posts on Instagram about detox tea and teeth whitening products. There's no shame in her game when it comes to chasing paper.

10. She Is On To Tell The Truth

NeNe teamed up with Betty White for the game show To Tell The Truth . It's clear that NeNe is a lot more than a reality star when she is collaborating with a legend like White.

11. She Went To The White House Correspondents' Dinner

I don't see any other Real Housewives stars getting invited to hang with Obama. It's definitely a major deal that NeNe was invited to the annual event.

12. She Was On Lip Sync Battle

We all know that NeNe is never afraid to put herself out there, so she really was the perfect fit for Lip Sync Battle. NeNe lives to perform.

13. She Has A Clothing Line

NeNe is very opinionated when it comes to everything, especially fashion, so it is only logical for the star to set her own trends by designing a clothing line.

14. She Was A Part Of NBC's NYE Countdown Show

A lot of people ended 2015 and started 2016 by watching NeNe count down the seconds until the new year. Usually more experienced television hosts get selected for these kind of shows, so it is definitely impressive that NeNe was a part of this.

15. She Makes RHOA Cameo Appearances

NeNe may not be a Real Housewife, but she's not done when it comes to stirring the pot and shaking things up. She keeps the ladies on their toes with her sporadic appearances on the show.

16. She Is Making TV Appearances

With everything that NeNe has going on it is only logical for her to hit the talk show circuit to promote her empire.

Based on this list, it is so clear that it's NeNe's world and we are all just living in it. And she's not stopping any time soon.