Nene Leakes Joins 'To Tell the Truth' At ABC With Betty White & The Duo Will Make A Comedy Dream Team

The moment fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been waiting for is here: After a rocky couple of days for us fans (what with the devastating announcement that came on Monday that Nene Leakes would be leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta for good), we all seriously deserved some good new. And good news it most certainly is: According to Deadline, Leakes has joined ABC's To Tell The Truth reboot as a panelist. Even better, guess who her co-panelist is? None other than THE Betty White! Like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS AMAZING NEWS?!

It's as if the news that Leakes would still be available on network TV consistently, in all her glory, didn’t provide enough material to get excited about, so ABC threw White into the mix to sweeten the deal or something. I mean, it worked: now I am totally beside myself, because CAN YOU IMAGINE the comedy genius that these two women are going to create on that show? White’s wise-cracking asides with Leakes' over-the-top one-liners? You know people are going to be tuning in just to see the dynamic between these two amazing women. I know I will be! They're going to be a comedy dream team.

But it gets even better: The game, which was originally super popular in the '60s, revolves around three contestants who all claim to be the same person while a panel of celebrity guests try to guess which one is telling the truth.

It sounds like the perfect gig for Leakes — you know there's no way she's ever going to guess wrong on this game.

The game show isn’t the only thing the star is up to. Leakes has her celebrity plate full with To Tell the Truth, her new role in Kim Kardashian West’s mobile game, and a new show on Bravo with her best frenemy, Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Oh, and on top of that, the reality television star will be launching her own home line soon. Girl keeps busy.

So brush that dirt off your shoulders, Atlanta lovers. Leakes isn’t going anywhere.