Could Paul be the GOP's 2016 candidate?

In a Breitbart News interview, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that he is considering a 2016 run. Well, color us surprised. Oh, wait. Don't.

Paul said he wouldn't officially announce his candidacy until after the 2014 elections. "I haven’t made a decision. It’s a big decision, you know, with regard to family and the extensive travel that’s involved with it,” he said. “And then also just seeing where the country is going in the next year or two."

The Washington Post called Paul's potential run in June, as well as named him the most interesting man in the political world. (Are you picturing him stroking his chin or doing something very interesting? We are.) Paul has recently gained attention in the Senate for filibustering the nomination of CIA director John Brennan and threatening to filibuster James Comey the FBI director nominee, as well as for his amendment for the landmark immigration reform bill and his slip of the tongue relating same sex marriage to bestiality.

Although he's not officially running yet, Paul is already ahead in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and has a #StandWithRand Twitter following. We're keeping an eye on this, as we're sure you are, too.