Bipartisan Roadblocks Continue for Immigration Reform

Although the Senate has turned its attention to immigration reform, progress has been non-existent due to the lack of bipartisan support. Senate Democrats continued the trend today when voting against a border control amendment.

The amendment, offered by Charles Grassley (R-IA), would have required the border to be controlled for six months before illegal immigrants already in the U.S. could take the steps to become legal citizens. Grassley's amendement was defeated 57-43, reports the Washington Post.

Senate Democrats said they voted against the amendment because it would have delayed a person's path to citizenship for years.

Another Republican Senator, Rand Paul, has offered a border security amendment. Paul's "Trust but Verify" would require the Department of Homeland Security to put in place extra measures, like fencing and an annual report to Congress on their progress. Next, Congress would vote, and if the department met its goals, more illegal immigrants would be given work visas.

Paul said Republicans are hesitant to approve a bill that doesn't have border security, and he would support the bill if his amendment was included.