There's A Big 'Fosters' Shake-Up Coming

Things can only go so well for Callie for so long. She's starting to get used to family life and school and then there had to be that Brandon drama during last week's The Fosters . And now that she and Jude are so close to adoption — their estranged father has been found. The promo for next week's episode shows Lena and Stef telling Callie and Jude that they've found their father and that's going to complicate everything.

Callie's already been through a lot this season (with starting a forbidden relationship, running away, living in a group home, and getting verbally bitch-slapped at a party — just to name a few) and a lot of how she's dealt with it has effected Jude. And now that Lena and Stef found Callie and Jude's father, she has to figure out how to handle that and how to help Jude handle it as well. That's a lot of pressure for one girl.

In the promo, Jude is adamant about seeing his dad whether or not Callie wants to come along — we're going to bet that she doesn't, because the chip on her shoulder is much larger than Jude's. But is that really a good idea — the two of them are this close to getting adopted by Lena and Stef and starting a new and much better life. There's really no point in dwelling on the past now.

Callie and Jude's dad had been in jail for killing their mother in a drunk driving accident and it was revealed earlier this season that he was released over a year ago. Now, it seems like he's decided that it's high time that he found out what his kids have been up to. Well, Mr. Jacob, they've been in the process of being adopted by a stable family that actually wants them. According to earlier reports that Callie and Jude's father had be cast, Maia Mitchell who plays Callie said about her father's return:

I think it's really important to understand Callie and Jude's characters and why they are how they are. When you meet him it will all start to make sense.

Maybe he isn't just showing up to ruin everything for his kids that are about to get their happy ending? We're not really buying it but it will be interesting to learn more about the Jacobs family pre-split. That's about it though. It'd be disappointing if ex-con Mr. Jacobs shows up with big, empty promises that sway Callie and Jude's decision to be adopted by the Fosters. It'd be even more disappointing if he tried to block their adoption now that he's out of jail and capable of taking care of them again. He could also try to make Lena and Stef feel guilty for continuing to pursue their adoption when their real father wants them — Lena and Stef have consciences and I can't see them taking that criticism lightly.

If Jude goes through with his decision to meet his father, things could go downhill fast. Callie and Jude most likely don't blame their father for their difficult time in the foster system — and, if they do, it's likely that Jude will forgive his father. Which would be really sad, but Jude has a big heart so we can see that happening, especially if Callie doesn't go with him to this reunion.

Nothing good can come out of a Jacobs family reunion — nothing. And we're 100 percent sure of that. This adoption is the best thing that could happen to Callie and Jude and this long-lost ex-con father is just going to complicate the process. His return is bad news and we just hope that Stef and Lena can handle it for the kids.

Watch the promo for next week's episode of ABC Family's The Fosters here:

Image: ABC Family