Is Amy Poehler Starring In ‘The Baby’? The Show's Got An All-Star Cast

Good news, Amy Poehler fans. Not only has the comedic powerhouse renewed her deal with Universal TV, but she also she recently sold her latest television project to NBC! Her latest pilot, The Baby, will feature Seann William Scott as the only man in an all-female crime-fighting family — consisting of his mother and seven sisters. The show sounds like a total winner, but my question about this news is, of course, will Amy Poehler star in The Baby? With a cast full of funny women, this show could be perfect for her on-screen talents.

Don’t get too excited just yet, because it sounds like this series won’t be featuring Poehler in front of the camera. At least, a starring role for Poehler hasn’t yet been announced. Instead, this talented woman will be leading this show behind-the-scenes as the head of the production company that’s backing it, Paper Kite Productions. But ,this isn’t the first show that Poehler’s amazing comedic power has led to commercial success. Paper Kite Productions is also responsible for the shows Broad City and Difficult People.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, even though it’s disappointing that Poehler hasn’t been announced as a star in The Baby just yet, it’s a good sign for the future of this show that she’s putting the power of her amazing production company behind it. With someone like Poehler vouching for the show’s awesomeness, you can count on it being one of the most-talked about of the new television season.

Not to mention, with the recent deal she signed with Universal Television, more Poehler-produced projects could be on their way to our television sets soon. NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt spoke enthusiastically of Poehler’s role at the television network: “For many years she’s been part of the NBCU family, first with Saturday Night Live and then, of course, with the stellar Parks and Recreation, so it only seems fitting that she remain with the company. We look forward to a variety of projects from her for NBC and other networks as she extends her creative vision into more producing and directing.”

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It sounds to me like this project is just one in a line of many that we can expect from Poehler in the near future. And, if that’s the case, there’s a real possibility that she could star at least briefly in one of them — I mean, she did appear on Broad City a few times!

So let’s all do our due diligence. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray for a cameo.