62 'Big Brother' Alums To Follow On Twitter

by Chelsea Mize

If you're a Big Brother newbie like I am, you are probably a little bit lost in this crazy new world of manipulation and strategy. I have made it my mission to understand this game in the most thorough manner possible and there is no better way to learn the game than through the commentary of former Big Brother houseguests. The time has come to beef up your Twitter feed by following these 62 Big Brother alums on Twitter because no one understands the game better than someone who has taken on Big Brother before themselves.

Though many of these former Big Brother contestants use their social media accounts for self promotion first and Big Brother strategy talk second, most of these former HouseGuests are very invested in the Big Brother process each season (and they have the hilarious Tweets to prove it).

Just like The Bachelor, once you've been on Big Brother, you're part of the family of alums and you have a large web of new friends and supporters as a result. Thankfully for us, these Big Brother alums all stay in touch and get down and dirty while discussing gameplay techniques (and we can learn a lot about the game from their Twitter banter).

So, if your Twitter feed has been lackluster on the Big Brother front lately, the time has come to spice up your Twitter game and follow these 62 BB alums to get your Twitter feed back on track.

Season 1

Brittany Petros

Follow Brittany here.

Will Mega

Follow Will here.

Season 2

Hardy Hill

Follow Hardy here.

Nicole Marie Nilson

Follow Nicole here.

Season 3

Lisa Donahue

Follow Lisa here.

Amy Crews Ouellette

Follow Amy here.

Season 4

Jun Song

Follow Jun here.

Season 5

Scott Long

Follow Scott here.

Will Wikle

Follow Will here.

Michael Ellis

Follow Michael here.

Marvin Latimer

Follow Marvin here.

Season 7

Marcellas Reynolds

Follow Marcella here.

Erika Rich

Follow Erika here.

Danielle Reyes

Follow Danielle here.

Howie Gordon

Follow Howie here.

James Rhine

Follow James here.

Kaysar Ridha

Follow Kaysar here.

Janelle Pierzina

Follow Janelle here.

Season 8

Mike Dutz

Follow Mike here.

Kail Harbick

Follow Kail here.

Jen Johnson

Follow Jen here.

Evel Dick Donato

Follow Evel Dick here.

Dani Donato

Follow Dani here.

Season 9

Parker Delon

Follow Parker here.

Matt McDonald

Follow Matt here.

Amanda Hansen

Follow Amanda here.

Jen DiTurno Schubert

Follow Jen here.

Season 10

Michelle Costa

Follow Michelle here.

Dan Gheesling

Follow Dan here.

Season 11

Lydia Tavera

Follow Lydia here.

Casey Turner

Follow Casey here.

Jeff Schroeder

Follow Jeff here.

Kevin Campbell

Follow Kevin here.

Jesse Godderz

Follow Jesse here.

Jordan Lloyd

Follow Jordan here.

Season 12

Annie Whittington

Follow Annie here.

Brendon Villegas

Follow Brendon here.

Rachel Reilly

Follow Rachel here.

Britney Haynes

Follow Britney here.

Season 13

Dominic Briones

Follow Dominic here.

Shelly Moore

Follow Shelly here.

Adam Poch

Follow Adam here.

Season 14

Danielle Murphree

Follow Danielle here.

Ashely Iocco

Follow Ashley here.

Frank Eudy

Follow Frank here.

Ian Terry

Follow Ian here.

Jodi Rollins

Follow Jodi here.

Jen Arroyo

Follow Jen here.

Kara Monaco

Follow Kara here.

Wil Heuser

Follow Wil here.

Season 15

Amanda Zuckerman

Follow Amanda here.

Candice Stewart

Follow Candice here.

Andy Herren

Follow Andy here.

Elissa Reilly Slater

Follow Elissa Reilly here.

Helen Kim Fitzpatrick

Follow Helen Kim here.

GinaMarie Zimmerman

Follow GinaMarie here.

Howard Overby

Follow Howard here.

Judd Daugherty

Follow Judd here.

Jessie Kowalski

Follow Jessie here.

Spencer Clawson

Follow Spencer here.

Nick Uhas

Follow Nick here.

Mccrae Olson

Follow Mccrae here.

Kaitlin Barnaby

Follow Kaitlin here.

Season 16

Paolo Shea

Follow Paolo here.

Zach Rance

Follow Zach here.

Joey Van Pelt

Follow Joey here.

Hayden Voss

Follow Hayden here.

Frankie Grande

Follow Frankie here.

Christine Brechts

Follow Christine here.

Cody Calafiore

Follow Cody here.

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