This 'BB16' Couple May Be No More

Though I can't say Big Brother showmances are exactly the love stories I expect to make it once the show ends, that doesn't make finding out a Big Brother couple has broken up any less sad. Case-in-point: It seems Nicole Franzel and Hayden Voss are dunzo after hooking up during Season 16 of Big Brother — that is, if Nicole's quote in Big Brother 18, "I'm single and ready to play for myself now," is anything to go off of. But, when did Nicole and Hayden break up? That's a little more difficult to pinpoint.

Nicole gave no indication when she showed up as a surprise houseguest in Season 18 as to when her relationship with Hayden may have ended — she just said the aforementioned single comment and we all moved on with our lives. Thankfully, though, it's 2016, and it's totally easy to at least try to stalk a public figure's social media accounts for clues.

For instance: On April 25, Nicole posted a photo on Twitter featuring her, Hayden, and another friend out at what appears to be a club. They don't appear too couple-y, so it's not clear if perhaps they broke up and were just friends at this point, or if they were, in fact, still together.

Instagram holds even more clues. On May 23, Nicole posted a photo on Instagram of her with Hayden at the Me Before You premiere — and unlike the April 25 photo, they did look a bit more couple-y here. Me Before You is a romantic, tear-jerker of a film, something you would see with a boyfriend or girlfriend... could they have still been together in this photo?

Similarly, Hayden posted his own photo with Nicole on the same day, from the premiere:

There's no clear way to tell when they really broke up, of course — only Nicole and Hayden know exactly what happened between them — but as far as social media goes, this is the last photo of Nicole and Hayden together pre-Big Brother Season 18. Whether this means that they broke up right before the show, or ages ago and remained friends is not clear.

Hopefully, either way, the two did remain friends — their relationship was too adorable during Season 16 to even wonder if it's anything other than that. Hopefully, Nicole's time in Season 18 will shed more light on what went down between her and Hayden too.

Image: CBS