How Many People Were In The Viernheim Cinema?

According to Reuters and the Associated Press, the man who opened fire in the Viernheim Cinema Complex in Germany has been killed by authorities. The incident, which took place in Viernheim, a town close to Frankfurt, initially anticipated a possible 20-50 people injured, but reports now indicate that there are no serious injuries from the attack. It is not yet confirmed who the gunman was or what his motives were, but there are unconfirmed reports that the gunman fired a single shot outside of the theater and that there was tear gas involved in the incident.

While it is still unconfirmed how many people were in the cinema at the time of the attack, which was approximately 3 p.m. in Germany, we do know that the Viernheim Cinema Complex is in a busy shopping complex that includes at least 100 other business and has around 20,000 visitors daily. The town of Viernheim, according to their website, has a population of approximately 33,000. The complex was immediately roped off by authorities following reports of the attack, and details have yet to emerge about how many people were present in the theater and in the surrounding area when it occurred. This post will be updated to reflect that information when it is reported.