'Bachelor In Paradise' Needs To Include These Guys In Its Season 3 Lineup

As much as I love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, now that Bachelor in Paradise is a thing, it might be my favorite incarnation of the franchise. Jorge the bartender serving up drinks on a gorgeous island while former cast members fall in love and create all kinds of drama with each other? It's everything that's good about reality TV, all in one show. And now that summer is here, I'm getting more and more excited about Season 3. Cast announcements have started rolling out, and I'm really excited to see who else will be there. And even though a few of my favorites have already been confirmed to be appearing this summer, there are a lot of guys I hope show up on Bachelor in Paradise who haven't been announced yet, too.

The cast comes in a few waves — there's the core cast that the show starts with, and then as the season progresses, more men and women show up as others are sent home after rose ceremonies. So even though that initial cast has been announced already, don't lose hope if your favorite isn't on it. There's still time, especially for the dudes. They're already outnumbered, which means there are sure to be even more of them making their way to the beach eventually.

Here's my wish list for Season 3. Fingers crossed some of them actually show up!

1. Wells Adams

He may not be at the center of all the drama on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, but he's definitely a fan favorite already. How could you not love this guy? He's so cute! If he doesn't end up with JoJo, he should at least go on Paradise. More screen time is a good thing. He will get every rose!

2. Chris Soules

It's been more than a year since Chris split from his Bachelorette winner, Whitney Bischoff, so isn't it about time he got back on that horse (or cow, which I'm assuming is what they have in Iowa) again? BIP could be a good place to start. Certainly there will be someone there who's into living the farm life.

3. Derek Peth

OK, I'm very partial to Derek because he looks like Jim from The Office, but even beyond that, he seems like a pretty sweet guy on The Bachelorette. Aside from my own selfish reasons for wanting him on BIP,. if he doesn't end up with JoJo, there are so many other former Bachelor stars who would be lucky to have him.

4. Jef Holm

This one is a major throwback, but I have never felt like Emily Maynard's ex has gotten the kind of credit he deserves. He's nice, he's funny, he's not bad to look at, and since his Instagram leads me to believe he loves going on adventures, BIP could be right up his alley.

5. Chris Strandburg

Chris Cupcake is definitely one of the ones who got away from Kaitlyn Bristowe (even though I totally adore her with Shawn Booth). He's super cute, he's a dentist, and he owns a cupcake on wheels. What's not to love about him?

6. JJ Lane

After seeing JJ on Kaitlyn's Bachelorette season, I wasn't sure how I felt about him with all that drama with Clint Arlis. However, after seeing him on BIP last summer, I actually came to really like him, so I wouldn't mind if he made a return this time around.

7. Marcus Grodd

In case you haven't heard the bummer news, let me be the one to break it to you: Marcus and Lacy Faddoul have broken up, and guess what? Their marriage was never real to begin with. I feel like, because of that, BIP has done Marcus dirty, and this situation needs to be rectified. The only way to do it? Bring him back for a second shot at love.

8. Marquel Martin

You might remember Marquel from Andi Dorfman's season, and even though he didn't end up with the former lawyer, I always felt like she didn't give him a fair enough chance. Marquel is such a sweetheart, and he's so underrated. He would be perfect in paradise.

9. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

I've always felt bad for Arie since he got passed over for The Bachelor when the powers that be decided to go with Chris Soules instead a couple of years ago. Maybe bringing him on BIP would make things right? I think he'd be a hit with the women. I mean, who doesn't want to date a race car driver?

Even if none of these guys end up on BIP this season, it's still going to be awesome — even though it will definitely be better if they do. ABC, don't let me down!

Image: ABC