Will Lolly Return For 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5? Lori Petty's Character Still Has More Story To Tell

One of the truly extraordinary things about Orange Is the New Black is its ability to make us care so deeply for all of these characters. We aren't just watching this show to relax. We are invested in these storylines and continue to root for these inmates day-in and day-out. So when tragedy strikes SPOILERS AHEAD, like the death of Poussey Washington, it's devastating and makes us want to hold on to all of the other characters that are still around. However, Poussey may not be the only Litchfield prisoner we lost this season. After the dead security guard's body is found, Lolly confessed to killing him, leaving her with a one-way ticket to the psych ward. But does that mean we'll never see her again? Is it possible for Lolly to return for Orange Is the New Black Season 5? I think her storyline is still far from over.

Yes, things look pretty dire for Lolly right now, that's definitely true. But she wouldn't be the only one who's been sent away only to return at some point down the line. Take Nicky and Sophia, for instance. The former was sent to max while the latter was holed up in the SHU for almost the entire season, and yet they both still managed to find their way back into the main storyline. The same thing could and should happen with Lolly, who's become quite the sympathetic character, especially now that we know a bit more about her backstory.

Mental illness is a very important topic and something that Orange Is the New Black took a significant time to explore this season. So the idea that the series just carted Lolly off to the psych ward with no intention of bringing her back seems not only unfair, but highly unlikely. The writers do such an incredible job of giving characters who don't normally have a voice a chance to be heard. This show is the perfect platform for the underdogs and the misunderstood as well as shining a spotlight on vital issues. Lolly has become a key part of that conversation, so yes, I think it's not only possibly, but highly probable that we'll see her again. It may not be right off the bat in Season 5, but it will happen nonetheless.

Lori Petty, who plays Lolly on the show, has done an amazing job with this role. And even though no official announcement about her return to the series has been confirmed, I'm confident that the writers will do right by Lolly and make her an integral part of OITNB's future.

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