This 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory About Hanna & A.D. Is Way, Way Too Creepy

If Hanna's ordeal in the Season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars gave you full-fledged nightmares, you're not alone. Shortly after being kidnapped by Uber A — whom we now know prefers to go by double initials A.D. instead of the traditional single letter — Hanna found herself in a terrifying chamber where she was stripped nearly naked, left without food, and sprayed down before being electrocuted. It's all seriously dark stuff, and one of the ways that Hanna was able to survive the ordeal was by dreaming that Spencer came to her cell to give her some escape advice. Hanna and Spencer's dream conversation was certainly sweet, but, while Hanna thought the vision of her friend was a dream, I'm not so sure. In fact, Hanna may have been talking to A.D., and not a "dream" Spencer, in her cell — and it's one theory that is super creepy.

If you thought that the scene between Hanna and dream Spencer was a little odd, you're not alone. In fact, plenty of fans on Twitter felt so weird about the scene that they assumed it was evidence that Spencer has a secret twin on the series. I'll admit, I totally bought into that theory as well, given the oddness of the scene, but there might be an even simpler explanation that wouldn't involve throwing yet another Rosewood identical twin into the mix.

What if the person speaking to Hanna in her cell wasn't Spencer or Spencer's twin, but A.D. wearing an identity-assuming mask? We know that it's possible for someone to look almost identical to another person with the new mask technology that the show has introduced, and it might explain the weirdness of this scene.

If all you saw was a sweet scene between friends and are scratching your head about the weirdness I'm referring to, you may catch it upon watching the scene a second time — that was the only time I caught evidence of the true bizarreness of the scene. During Hanna and Spencer's conversation, Spencer mentions the name "A.D." to Hanna in reference to Uber A. Hanna herself never uses these initials, and, considering that Hanna was kidnapped prior to the Liars learning that name, it's a total red flag — how would her subconscious know to call Uber A by his or her true name? Then there's the fact that Spencer asks Hanna, point blank, if she told Uber A the truth about who killed Charlotte; obviously, Hanna knows she was lying, and so does Spencer. It's that last part that is particularly telling.

It's only after Hanna says that she "wish she knew" who killed Charlotte does dream Spencer give her advice on how to escape from Uber A's lair, stating that "if there's a way in, there's a way out." Using Spencer's advice, Hanna is able to escape the lair unscathed — but what if it wasn't just good advice that allowed her to get out? What if the person portraying Spencer was actually the one who kidnapped Hanna in the first place, and they allowed Hanna to leave because they knew she wasn't guilty of killing Charlotte?

If Uber A was so convinced of Hanna's guilt, I'm pretty sure they would have taken extra security measures. Perhaps Uber A is far more merciful than we thought, and only wants to punish the person who really killed Charlotte.

Another option for who is under the mask would certainly explain why Spencer was lacking in the bangs department during Hanna's alleged dream sequence: it was actually the also-brunette-but-bangs-free Mary Drake under the Spencer mask. Though she might not be Uber A, she is working for him or her, and might feel sorry for Hanna after confirming her innocence. It would explain why Mary knew where to pick Hanna up on the road after she escaped Uber A's prison.

Only time will tell what really happened during Hanna's so-called dream, but Season 7 has done good work by making us ask the craziest of questions.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr