All 72 New Unicode 9 Emoji, Definitively Ranked From Most Exciting To Most Meh

With texts becoming the sole form of communication between people, emoji have become a staple on phones across the board. You can tell people exactly what you are doing and how you are feeling with a few pictures. Like hieroglyphics before them, emoji are invaluable to this generation.

Since language evolves and changes, emoji go through the same process. More and more "words" are being added each year, making communication through them much easier. Unicode is the organization responsible for creating the emoji — since they are a part of an international coding standard that needs to be overseen and approved. Unicode assigns each individual emoji a unique numeric value which is standard across all platforms. With more and more of them being approved we can get expect updates, like the most recent one, every year.

With this batch of emoji we will be seeing 72 new additions to the already colorful collections on our phones. In an attempt to be more gender inclusive, a lot of the added emoji are male versions of the popular female characters. And because I am addicted to emoji, I decided to give a definitive rank to all 72 of them, from most important to least interesting. Below is the video of all of them.

Emojipedia on YouTube

And here (insert drumroll, please) is the definitive ranking:

1. Bacon

Perfect for letting people know you love something a lot. Anyone who wants to argue that this isn't definitively the best emoji of this batch does not deserve a spot in the breakfast buffet line of any free breakfast, EVER.

2. Facepalm

With the amount of mistakes I make throughout the day, this emoji will come in handy.

3. Champaign Clinking

For holidays and general celebrations and, y'know, Tuesday.

4. Dancing Man

A young, Saturday-Night-Fever-John-Travolta looking emoji never hurt anyone.

5. Black Heart

Anyone who was ever a My Chemical Romance fan or went through an emo phase will love this.

6. Whiskey Drink

Classy drinking night out will need this one, for sure.

7. Owl

Your friends deserve to know how wise their advise makes them sound.

8. Cucumber

Not all ~members~ look like eggplants.

9. Pinocchio

If your friend screenshots your conversation and then sends it to you by accident...

10. Shopping Cart

You're unable to hang out because you're currently having a ball in the frozen food aisle.

11. Gymnastics

With the Olympics around the corner this will be useful — I personally would use this to denote celebratory feelings.

12. Bat

The closest you can come to having a Batman emoji.

13. Potato

Awkward potato FTW.

14. Canoe

I think this is another perfect way to show that something is awkward or that you hold a very unpopular opinion.

15. Avocado

How else can you say perfection?

16. Shallow Pan Of Food

If I invite you over, expect deliciousness.

17. Clown

There aren't enough scary emojis at our disposal, and thus this clown was born.

18. Motor Scooter

This is the only way to tell people you were just watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

19. Mother Christmas

I mean, who else gets all the elves ready for Christmas?

20. Sneezing Face

With spring comes allergy season.

21. Pancakes

The hangover food of the gods.

22. Green Salad

Simplifying restaurant orders has never been easier.

23. Card Game Heart

I want to really show you how much I love you and apparently the other hearts were not enough.

24. Raised Back Of Hand

This might mean a backhanded compliment or help complete the single ladies dance move if combined with Front Facing Hand.

25. Octagonal Sign

I won't even let the conversation go there and you'll know it.

26. Peanut

Cute nicknames just got an emoji.

27. Boxing Glove

Soul Cycle doesn't have an emoji yet, so I guess this will do.

28. Lizard

In case you really need to tell people want kind of insurance you have.

29. Juggling

I CAN have it all.

30. Stuffed Flat Bread

A very specific food item that can work as a sandwich in a pinch.

31. Baguette

If I'm ever in France this will really help me out.

32. Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Because ROFL is just too time consuming?

33. Shrug

People get angry at IDK so this will have to suffice.

34. Pregnant

Surprise pregnancy announcements just got 20 times more whimsical.

35. Man In Tuxedo

You would only use this around prom and the Oscars.

36. Left Facing Fist

I assume this is a fist bump?

37. Butterfly

I feel like you would be sending a picture to people inside of the emoji.

38. Drum

I wait with baited breath to know what those three dots at the bottom of the screen will ultimately say.

39. Carrot

An oddly specific food.

40. Eagle

You with use this when feeling super patriotic or protective of younger siblings.

41. Hand Shake

I don't see myself telling my boss I closed the deal with this emoji.

42. Fingers Crossed

I just can't see myself using this all that often, but with election season coming up ... we need all the hope we can get.

43. Selfie

Again, you most likely send a selfie instead of an emoji depicting a selfie. This is too meta for real life.

44. Deer

I can only see this being sent after a hunting trip or a car accident.

45. Face With Cowboy Hat

I just don't ever see myself using this unless talking about Bo Burnham's amazing song from his new Netflix special Make Happy.

46. Prince

For men who are acting a little spoiled.

47. Shark

PRO-TIP: If you need to tell someone about a shark, you should be yelling it into the water. They won't have their phones on them anyway.

48. Shrimp

That singular hair thing on its head is the only reason this is not higher on the list.

49. Call Me Hand

This can be mistaken for the "hang loose" sign so easily. I didn't think it was call me at all! WHO CALLS EACH OTHER ANYMORE ANYWAY??

50. Fox

Cool addition to the animal family.

51. First Place Metal

I don't know that many Olympic athletes who are competing and need my congratulations.

52. Croissant

This needed to be more delicious looking to place higher. I usually rank food emoji in the top 30.

53. Nauseated Face

You should run to the bathroom instead of texting.

54. Rhino

I guess you can send this after going to the zoo.

55. Duck

I guess you really want to tell people about your day.

56. Glass Of Milk

A gentle reminder for stronger bones.

57. Spoon

Just seems to only exist as the accompaniment to the fork — I'll be more impressed when there's a little spoon emoji to go with it.

58. Wrestling

I'd rather use this to denote a fight than wrestling.

59. Goal Net

My goal is to use this the least amount possible. (Get it?)

60. Right Facing Fist

I can't explain why this is ranked so much lower than the left one but it is. Deal with it. I AM YOUR EMOJI GOD NOW.

61. Gorilla

King Kong ain't got nothing on me.

62. Second Place Medal

Why would anyone send someone a second place medal? This is bullying.

63. Martial Arts Uniform

Nothing says martial arts like staying inside and sending someone this emoji.

64. Kiwifruit

Again ... not all members look like the eggplant. (Sorry not sorry.)

65. Fencing

Literally the only person using this is Sulu from Star Trek.

66. Scooter

This hasn't been relevant since 2003.

67. Red Card Heart

We have so many hearts already! We don't need more! YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.

68. Squid

Offering one more, last-minute, horrifying alternative for the eggplant emoji. And then I'll stop. (Maybe.)

69. Egg

When will you ever use this? Honestly. Think about it. When!?

70. Third Place Medal

Third is the one with the hairy chest, so ... no thanks.

71. Handball

If I thought about what this was for like five minutes and decided it was a soccer goalie lunging, maybe other people will too.

72. Water Polo

This guy is too hot. He knows it. Also his reflection kind of looks like he's doing a split under the water. CALM DOWN, WATER POLO MAN. You are no bacon emoji and you know it.

Images: Emojipedia