Are Daisy Ridley & John Boyega Friends In Real Life? Let Some Of Their Best Moments Answer That

Being a Star Wars fan is something that is in my blood. My parents, my closest cousins, and many aunts and uncles have all been self-professed fans since the release of the first films, so the release of the new Star Wars films has been a very exciting time for me. One of my favorite parts of the hoopla surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and any film in general, is the camaraderie between the actors and co-stars in real life. The two new main characters, Finn and Rey, have such great chemistry on-screen, so are the actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega friends in real life?

Granted, actors are bound to form some kind of relationship with people that they film with, especially when it is on an epic scale like Star Wars. They were together for months filming the movie, and both Ridley and Boyega were relative unknowns before scoring these incredible roles. They undoubtedly had a lot to bond over and a lot of time to do it, and based on their interactions before the film release, promotional tours and appearances, Ridley and Boyega are very close friends and have a enviably adorable relationship that goes far beyond the films. Here are some of their best moments as buddies.

When John Bothered Daisy On A Trip Like An Annoying Sibling

This is a total brother move.

When They Explained Their Nicknames For Each Other

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During an event before the films release in December, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ridley and Boyega to ask them about their names for each other. And we all know having special names for each other is something only close friends do. Boyega replied, "Oh! My peanut! Yeah, she's my peanut." Awww! Ridley answered,

Peanut! I call him Peanut, too. The thing is, I think it was me that invented it. But he would never admit that! We just get on really well and we are really good friends... It's so great to experience this whole thing together.

When Daisy Filled His Phone With Surprise Selfies

My best friends like to do this to me, too. Better yet, putting their photo as my phone background. SMH.

When John Celebrated Her Award Win

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He posted in an Instagram caption under a photo of the pair at the Empire Awards: "Peanut also picked one up yesterday! @daisyridley has really transitioned well and I'm so proud of her for riding this wave like a pro X." Look at how supportive and sweet he is!

When Daisy Called Him Her Brother

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Ridley opened up about their relationship during a recent Facebook Q&A and said,

John [Boyega] is brilliant. He's like my brother... We get on so well. And we come from similar places because our families are very close and it's the main important thing in our lives... To have him there has just been brilliant.

When They Wrote A Rap Together

While waiting in between takes on set, Ridley and Boyega bonded by rapping and beatboxing their own lyrics about their experience. Friends who make music together, stay together.

When They Snuggled In A Photo Booth

We all know that taking photo booth pics is a true friendship milestone. How else do you show everyone how adorable and cool you and your BFF are?

Being in Star Wars would be amazing, of course, but especially because you'd get the chance to be friends with these two!