Zoe Saldana Mourns Anton Yelchin's Tragic Passing

It has been a sad week for fans and loved ones of Anton Yelchin. The 27-year-old actor, who died June 19 as a result of a freak accident involving his car at his California home, has been mourned by many members of the Hollywood community. News of his loss was a devastating blow to the industry, because though the actor was young, he was certainly a beloved star. Yelchin shined in films like Green Room, Charlie Bartlett, and, perhaps most famously, the Star Trek series, in which the Russian-born actor portrays Pavel Chekov, and will do so for a final time when Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22. Joining those mourning the loss of the actor, his Star Trek co-star Zoe Saldana posted a touching tribute to Yelchin on Instagram, and her words are both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Saldana, who plays Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the franchise, took to the social media platform several days after Yelchin's death to share a photo of the beloved actor, whom she has worked alongside for over seven years (the first film in the Star Trek reboot came out in 2009). Losing a co-star in such a tragic way clearly affected Saldana, and the heartbreaking message that she posted honoring her friend and fellow Trekkie is a sweet reminder of how talented a man he was:

Saldana isn't the first co-star to honor Yelchin via social media. Yelchin's Charlie Bartlett co-star Kat Dennings posted several pictures of Yelchin on her Instagram following his death, including one with the simple statement, "I miss you." Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler also shared a photo of the young actor, who had a guest role on Gubler's CBS series.

Yelchin will be missed both as an actor and, to the people who knew him, a beloved friend.