Bridgette From 'Big Brother 18' Seems Pretty Cool

It's finally here, that time of summer when I can relax, be my true self, and fall into the obsession with Big Brother that I hide the rest of the year. Today's task? Answer the following question: who is Bridgette Dunning from Big Brother 18 ? My plan for this season is to do so much research into each contestant's personality that I can predict every single move before it happens... and win the bracket that I have going with my friends. Honestly, it's all about looking smart in front of the people that I love. So, step one: let's get to know Bridgette. Although Season 18 does have four returning contestants from previous seasons, Bridgette is one of the 12 original houseguests, so don't be concerned if she doesn't look familiar. She's also survived the first eviction, so I feel slightly more safe bringing her home to meet the fam — that's you guys. It's hard not to remember how I got burned by Glenn Garcia being the first Houseguest out the door even after I researched his mobile dog grooming business, but I'm trying to learn how to love again.

So, Brigette is 24 years old and originally from Fresno, California, but currently lives in Ventura, which I feel like is proof that she stays loyal to her roots. And Big Brother films in California, too, so she's quite literally right at home. Could that be a home court advantage? Bridgette cites Johnny Mac from Season 17 as one of her favorite players, which is interesting, because the two are in very similar career paths. I'm sure we remember that Johnny was a dentist — he used tooth detective work to figure out the Twin Twist — and Bridgette is a traveling ER nurse.

And what is a traveling nurse, you might ask? Does she go door-to-door with a dusty wagon filled with nursing supplies, seeing who might need her services? Shockingly, no. Instead, she's a nursing professional who is moved around to different emergency rooms in need, as those positions open up. So basically every time Bridgette starts her job in a new location, she has to adapt to a completely different environment, different coworkers, and, of course, different patients. Am I crazy, or does this somehow sound like the ideal proving ground for Big Brother? Watch yourselves, houseguests.

She's very close with family and friends, and she has a cat named Hercules whom she's leaving behind to play this season. And speaking of those left behind... Bridgette also has a boyfriend, which she says takes showmances off the table. (I will keep my mouth shut and not mention Austin of Season 17, who also came into his season with a significant other.) One thing that does worry me a little is that Bridgette says she's a bad liar, which can be a real liability in Big Brother, but might not prove to be a stumbling block if she plays an honest game.

She does come off as very bubbly, good-natured, and optimistic, but she also has the most developed strategy I've read from any of the other Houseguests, so don't count her out as naive. Her CBS bio reads:

Once it's down to the Top 10 or so, I should definitely be on a team or alliance, which will hopefully include someone who is physically strong and someone who is easy to manipulate. I plan to keep secrets and promises, but I also plan to spread small bits of doubt and leak rumors. I want to be behind the scenes, manipulating someone else in the house to look like a bigger threat than me each week until the finals, where I will blow them all away and get into the Final 2.

So there you have it. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me, now it's just about putting it into action. See you out there, Bridgette. I'm rooting for you.

Image: CBS