The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Coming

Hands down, one of the best sales is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's a sale so good, it's worth marking your calendars to make sure you don't miss out on — but wait. When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening this year? It's coming soon, ladies and gents. Summer just got even better.

If you've never shopped it before, then you may be wondering what all the hype is. I mean, sales are cool and all, but it's usually stuff that no one wanted, is going out of style, or is last season — and they never have your size, so they aren't always worth it. But this sale isn't your average sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale features brand new, current season styles and marks them down to super low sale prices. Crazy, right? It sounds too good to be true, but it's totally not. It's an annual thing, and that's why people freak so much over it.

So when is all this goodness going down? The sale is on July 22 - August 7, so it's less than a month away, and they're giving you a fairly large window of time to shop it in case your travel plans interfere. (Although, you can always shop online if you're out of town!)

And after August 7, all the marked down merchandise will return to full price, and nothing will sink your spirit like seeing a dress you could have gotten for less that you now have to pay full price for.

In case you aren't sure you want to shop the sale, maybe these loyal Nordstrom shoppers' excitement will convince you otherwise:

I hear ya, girl.

She is SERIOUS about this sale.

Preparation is key.

The more the merrier?

So mark your calendars now!