The Brexit Chaos Needs Some Comic Relief, So...

On Thursday, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union as a member nation. The U.K.'s decision to leave the EU will make it the first member state to ever leave, and chaos is ensuing: Scotland and Northern Ireland could move forward with their own independence from the UK; many are concerned about whether they'll need a visa to travel to the EU; and British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation and a cat is replacing him. Sort of.

The results, which were announced early Friday, suggest that 48.1 percent voted in favor of remaining a member of the EU, while nearly 52 percent voted in favor of leaving. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called the move "democratically unacceptable" because the country voted to remain, and has suggested a second independence referendum. Similarly, Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister said their break from the EU would have a "very profound" impact on the territory, and has suggested a vote to reunify the Irish island, according to BBC.

American GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump was happy about Brexit, praising Scotland for taking "their country back," and Cameron, who will be leaving British office in October, could be replaced by a conservative leader... or this cat.

That's right! Now that the U.K. has voted to leave the EU, the shocking decision has proved anything is possible. Cameron needs to be replaced by someone come fall, and this cat is taking up Prime Minister duties early on to get a head start on any race for office and prove that it can really deliver what Britain needs right now. Sure, it may be unprecedented for a cat to run for office and also win, but so was this vote to leave the EU, so we shouldn't rule it out just because change is scary.

All jokes aside, Cameron stepped down on Friday, stating, "I think the country requires fresh leadership. I do not think I can be the captain to take the country to its next destination." Favorites to replace him in office are Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London for Conservative leadership — he also led the "Leave" campaign. On the side of the "Remain" campaign, home secretary Theresa May is a leading favorite, according to the Guardian.

No matter who succeeds the current Prime Minister, there are two things that are certain: First, Cameron has no one to blame but himself for the toppling of his career and the outcome of the Brexit decision. Second, the vote to leave the EU may be irreversible.