Lindsay Lohan's Brexit Tweets Might Be The Only Silver Lining To This Whole Mess

Actress, model, singer, troubled former teen idol, reformed hot mess. These are all words I would have used to describe a certain Mean Girls star if you'd asked me about her on Wednesday. But political commentator? Never. That is, not until now. Lindsay Lohan released a fury of impassioned Brexit tweets Thursday, urging Britain to vote Remain in an epic Twitter rant that may be the one good thing to come out of Britain's historic referendum. Oh Lindsay, how I thought I knew you!

As Britain waited tensely for the results of their referendum to roll in, Lohan — who was reportedly watching the BBC's EU referendum results show with friends, according to a video she posted on Instagram — took to her official Twitter to share a string of tweets urging Britain to stay in the European Union. While some may find it surprising that the Brexit would inspire such passion in Lohan, it should be noted the actress stands to be affected by the Brexit. Although born in America, Lohan has lived in London for more than two years.

Unfortunately, (but in true Lohan style) the entirety of the former teen idol's Brexit Twitter rant has since been deleted. But fortunately for you, Bustle memorialized much of it.

Lohan began her wondrous Brexit analysis on Twitter with a quirky suggestion and a serious lack of punctuation. "#besmart pay attention and work hard to buy @chanel #remain where's Sunderland?" the actress tweeted with a link to her Instagram post. When results rolled in from Sunderland, showing the northeastern city had failed to heed her advice she let her fury be known. "@Independent why? prove the UK will not trigger anger by allowing (sunderland) to lower the UK pound - THIS IMPACT WILL CONTROL ALL MARGINS." Later, she criticized the actions of former London mayor and Leave campaign supporter Boris Johnson in a series of tweets.

Still, Lohan had more to say, weighing in on how the Brexit would affect the country's currency and economy and touting how adherence to European safety standards have improved workplace conditions in the United Kingdom.

As the night wore on and referendum results continued to roll in, Lohan's Brexit tweets fluctuated from impassioned to celebratory to some straight-up desperate pleas. My personal favorite came when she asked the British newspaper Telegraph what Margaret Thatcher would think of a Brexit. At one point, Lohan even reportedly tweeted directly to David Cameron, Britain's prime minister, asking "please what can i say to let people know how important it is to #stay (sic)," according to NBC News.

There's some question as to whether Lohan's Brexit tweets actually came from the former pop star herself. Telegraph seems skeptical it was Lohan behind the tweets and has raised the idea her account was hacked. It's certainly possible, but Lohan has not reported her account as hacked. Furthermore, this isn't the first time Lohan has let the world know she's got a mind for current events. She took to social media in 2015 to pay her respects (in Arabic no less) to Saudi King Abdullah.

Deleted or not, hacker or no, Lohan's Brexit Twitter rant will live on in the hearts of referendum watchers around the globe as the one comedic aspect to Britain's historic vote.