You Can Mix & Match All Of Kylie's Lip Products

It's hard to believe that Kylie Jenner started her famous Lip Kits less than a year ago, and now she has got a full-on beauty empire. With 10 matte shades, three glosses, and four metal mattes, the 18-year-old is constantly finding ways to expand her ever-growing collection. Most recently, she has given us two black options, including a matte black Dead of Knight kit and the shimmery metal matte KyMajesty, which has led me to wonder — should you use liner with Kylie Metal Matte lipsticks?

If you have attempted to shop the Metal Matte lippies, than you already know that they don't actually come with a matching lip liner in the way that the original liquid mattes do. This explains why their packaging is smaller and their price tag is lower. Just because they weren't meant to be applied with a liner, however, does not necessarily mean you shouldn't wear them with one. In fact, Kylie is thinking of selling her lip liners separately so that perhaps they can be mixed and matched with any of her lip kit finishes, which fans already seem to be doing. One customer paired the Candy K lip liner with the Literally Gloss, for example.

And it looks totally awesome.

In fact, Kylie herself has mixed a lip liner from her Lip Kits with a metal matte. Here she is rocking Candy K lip liner with Heir Metal Matte.

It may not make a major difference, but adding the liner definitely creates a bolder look, and the combination is flawless.

If Jenner chose to sell her liners separately, perhaps she will come out with more lip liner shades? Fingers crossed.

Wearing the liners with your Metal Mattes allows you to get more use out of them. The Black Dead of Knight lip liner can seamlessly be used with the KyMajesty Metal Matte. Pretty sweet, right?