Why Are 3 Houseguests Up For Eviction On 'Big Brother 18'? This Summer Already Has Another Twist

Big Brother 18 has already been laying on the twists relentlessly. First, it introduced four returning houseguests, then it revealed that the houseguests would compete in teams for the first time in Big Brother history. Now, there's a third nominee up for eviction on Big Brother 18 ! This currently unnamed twist adds a third nominee to the chopping block alongside the HoH's two nominees. This change could throw off a lot of people's plans and manage to blindside a houseguest or two along the way. But why are three houseguests up for eviction, and what does it mean for this season?

This as-yet-unnamed third nominee twist will likely be properly introduced in the Sunday, June 26 episode of Big Brother, but those watching the live feeds have already heard some of the houseguests talking about the latest twist, which has resulted in the fiery clothing designer Paul being put up for eviction. The twist itself is reminiscent of BB15's MVP twist, where America would vote for one houseguest every week to be allowed to nominate a third houseguest. This time, however, it appears that instead of America deciding who gets this power, it's the winner of a new competition.

The twist seems to be replacing BB16 and BB17 's Battle Of The Block and allows the winner of the comp to anonymously nominate a third houseguest for eviction. This ability to anonymously nominate is a huge power in a house where everyone is constantly worried about getting blood on their hands.

The nomination of Paul also helps the returnees (Nicole, Frank, Da'Vonne, and James) work towards getting more of their enemies out as both Jozea and Paul aim to get rid of the returnees. Paul's nomination already has some of the newbies scrambling, as Paul and Jozea were both leading the newbies alliance with Jozea proclaiming himself "Messiah of the newbies." While this twist benefits the returnees right now, it's just as likely that the tables will soon turn as they so often do on Big Brother, and a returnee will find themselves in that third nomination slot. In the fight of veterans vs. newbies, the ability to add an anonymous third nominee could make or break either side.

Big Brother 18 has introduced a lot of shocking twists in its first week, including returning houseguests, former houseguests' siblings, and teams. Now with yet another change to the usual formula, this may prove to be the show's most twisted season yet. However, this third nominee competition probably won't last through the whole season, as any twists introduced at the beginning of Big Brother usually end up being dropped once the show hits the jury phase of the summer. Still, it may be harder than ever to survive long enough to get to jury in the first place, with a twist like this that allows anyone to nominate anyone else without having to worry about repercussions.

This crop of houseguests is already proving to be relentlessly dramatic, with the house split into two clear factions that are aiming to take each other down. This mystery twist could not only even the playing field between returnees and newbies, but make for some of the most complex and unpredictable gameplay in Big Brother history.

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