What ‘Dead Of Summer’ & ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Have In Common, According To The New Series’ Star, Amber Coney

If you love Pretty Little Liars, it's probably due to it's unforgettable love stories, epic friendships, compelling secrets, and pretty much everything else in-between. However, our Tuesday nights are about to get even more amazing than usual now that Freeform's newest summer series Dead of Summer is gearing up to make its grand debut immediately after PLL on June 28 at 9 p.m. But don't even think about changing that channel when the Rosewood credits roll because according to Amber Coney, who stars in the new series, Pretty Little Liars fans will love Dead of Summer thanks to a few very important common links.

"[Dead of Summer] has this amazing dual nature where you have the main storyline and this horror plot that is very suspenseful and ominous and kind of keeps you on your toes." Hmm, a show centered around a major mystery with action-packed twists you'll never see coming... why does that sound so familiar? Probably because it's a recipe PLL has been cooking up for well over six seasons now with overwhelmingly great results. Dead of Summer seeks to entice the same kind of audience, except with this particular story, their Big Bad may not necessarily be a flesh and bones person, but rather a supernatural evil being.

However, the similarities don't just end there. Aside from the mystery factor, you'll also get to really know and love the characters "on a deep and personal level," according to Coney. So just like how all of the Liars hold a special place in your heart, these Camp Stillwater counselors will seek to have the same type of everlasting effect on its own fanbase, though it will all be under entirely different circumstances. Then there's the fact that nothing good ever happens in the woods on either show...

And just like with PLL, you can expect several 'ship-worthy romances to pop up among the main stars as the season progresses. "I mean, it's a show about young people," Coney teases. "Hormones will run amuck and emotions will evolve."

But make no mistake — despite the two shows' commonalities, Dead of Summer wants to march to the beat of its own unique mystery drum, and Coney just asks viewers to give it a chance to impress you. "I just want [viewers] to open their minds and to know that we want to share this with them." So if you weren't already planning to tune in to this new Freeform treat, I thoroughly suggest you to reconsider. By the end of the hour, you may very well have a new killer summer sensation on your hands.

Images: Katie Yu/Freeform (2); Lesley Bryce; Eric McCandless/Freeform