Your Favorite 'The Amanda Show' Character Says A Lot About Who You Are

Seventeen years ago, an unapologetically hilarious sketch comedy kids show took over the comedy world. With a 13-year-old girl dressed in a red curly-haired wig and judicial robe yelling to the echoes of a court room, "Bring in the dancing lobsters," The Amanda Show was born. Modeled as a kid-friendly version of Saturday Night Live, The Amanda Show took on adolescent mockery from 1999 to 2002 with reoccurring sketches, characters, and insane comedy. As a kid, I tuned into the show often to see Bynes at work — and I was truly never disappointed. While the skits on The Amanda Show rarely amounted to anything more than kids comedy, the characters were still written more cleverly than any other kids show today. I'm sure I was not the only person who felt this way about the series — and, as a result (though it may not seem like it), your favorite The Amanda Show character says a lot you.

Think about it: The Amanda Show was a rarity for most children's TV. Whether you enjoyed watching a polished, yet slightly cruel game show host, or a high school heartthrob answer every question with another question, The Amanda Show was filled with a cast of characters that illuminated staples of various personas better than any personality test or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ever could. And because of this, there are an abundance of possibilities when it comes to choosing your favorite. Whoever that may be, you choosing them as your favorite describes you as a person more than you could ever have imagined.


You are generally a laid-back person, but you are also shy and extremely reserved. You love your space viciously, and are not afraid to lash out when you feel you need it most. Also, if anyone makes you upset, you can escape to extreme realms of reality and — gulp! — payback.


Grandiosity is your middle name, closely followed by egotistical and narcissistic. You thrive on attention and having the spotlight on you at all times, and you have no problem letting everyone know it. You also tend to require excessive admiration from friends or others around you. You are preoccupied with fantasies of power, success, brilliance, beauty, or idealistic love and you have a sense of entitlement that, by definition, looks at normal, ordinary, and average as worthless. It's OK though, you're popular.


You are a definite free-spirit. You have a hard time conforming to what society wants, and you love to do what your heart desires. You tend to easily be mistaken for unintelligent because of your hippie-like threads and untamed hair, but you rarely get tightly wounded about what other people think of you. You enjoy spontaneity and live by the mantra, "those who wander aren't always lost."


Much like Kyle, you are a free-spirit who craves their own path in life. You are sometimes known for your dramatic antics, but you prefer the term "F-U-N." Oh yeah, and your Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and FB pages are all dedicated to eggs.


You have a bit of an obsessive personality. You pay an excessive amount of attention to detail and have a strong need to control the environment you are in. Despite your inability to control your impulsive behavior, you are oddly polite, and interject the word "please" at the end of every sentence you speak. But, that said, you are also extremely intelligent and exude exceptional confident in your life.


Your life is essentially a soap opera. Everyone around you speaks in clichés, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot help but find turmoil at every turn. You tend to overly exaggerate situations, which leads you to unpredictable and erratic behavior at times. As a result, your love life is a constant revolving door of dating the cute "Jake Ryan" type cheater over the loyal, puppy-lover Pacey Witter. At least, there is never a dull moment when you are around.

Honorable Judge Trudy

Straight-shooter is a bit of an understatement. You are honest to a fault, and often know exactly what's right and what's wrong. But, you can also surely cut loose. You appreciate those who are snarky, and at times do not have control over your tongue. Though your affection for bluntness is unwavering, your thick skin and sincerity is rare, therefor you have many friends and family asking you to weigh in on the toughest subjects they're be facing.


Honey, you are super sensitive. But that doesn't mean you aren't well loved and appreciated. Just work on taking constructive criticism better and not feeling like the finger is always pointing at you, OK?

Dancing Lobsters

You love to have fun and shake your lobster tail at any time!

Though The Amanda Show straddled the line between humor and insanity, it definitely created memorable characters everyone can that relate to for various reasons.

Images: Nickelodeon; Giphy(7); pop-crash, emmagoodalls, gifprincess, siorafasnacillini/Tumblr