There's No Doubt 'The Amanda Show' Was The Best

by Courtney Lindley

Let me set the stage for you. The year was 1999. All That, The Angry Beavers, Doug, The Wild Thornberrys, Catdog, and Kenan and Kel were all on air and dominating your Monday through Sunday nights. But, amongst this sea of genius programming, there was one particularly important show we will always remember. A show that made us privy to an up-and-coming female actress/comic. That series is none other than The Amanda Show, starring Amanda Bynes. Back in 1999, Bynes was a hilarious and talented newcomer that lifted The Amanda Show from just another skit show to smart and sharp commentary on pop culture, specifically tailored to resonate with a young audience. That's why The Amanda Show was the greatest.

Well, that, and a bevy of other reasons. Now that The Amanda Show has returned to Nickelodeon as part of The Splat (re-runs only of course), it's become clear that the program was way ahead of its time. The Amanda Show only ran for three seasons, but boy, did it leave a lasting mark on our psyche. Why? Perhaps because The Amanda Show was packed with not only strange sketches, but downright clever ones. I'm not sure the answer, but I do know that The Amanda Show was the best show on television. Here's why.

1. The Lobsters

The dancing red lobsters were so random that you probably never even questioned their presence. Why dancing red lobsters? More like, why not?

2. The Procrastinator Gave Us Excuses For Everything

"I will get to that...eventually!" was my 1999 catchphrase.

3. Judge Trudy Was Our Hero

She always ruled in favor of the kid, which as a misunderstood kid who was forced to do crazy things like "chores" and "homework," was incredible to watch.

4. Moody's Point Was A Genius Parody

If "I'll never find anyone who can understand my tortured teenage soul!" isn't the perfect critique for the kind "teen dramas" that ran rampant through the '90s (Dawson's Creek, My So Called Life), then nothing is. After all these years, the hilarious and keen parody still holds up.

5. It Taught Us How To Prank Call

In retrospect, I feel pretty bad for Mr. Oldman... but at the time, daaang were these good prank call ideas.

6. The Amanda Jacuzzi Voiceover

"That was Amanda's Jacuzzi...Yo, yo, yo." Epic.

7. "The Girls Room" Introduced Us To Catchphrases

My two favorites: "My name is Amber and if you look up popular in the dictionary, you'll find me," and "I'm Sheila. Anybody got a problem with that?" Honestly, there's a large part of me that believes the Real Housewives franchise took their intro ideas from "The Girls Room."

8. Blockblister Made Us Think We Could Make Our Own Movie Parodies

Like regular movies, but "much better!"

9. We All Felt Like Amanda's BFF

There was something undeniably likable about Amanda. She reminded you of someone you could totally see yourself being friends with in real life, and that only made watching her on TV that much more enjoyable.

10. Amanda Was Fearless In Her Comedy

When it came to character portrayals, weird faces, weird noises, basically anything weird, Amanda was not afraid to go there.

12. Also, Did I Mention The Lobsters

Just, come on. Iconic.

There's really only one thing left to say (because nothing regarding The Amanda Show would be complete with Penelope Taynt): Amanda please!

You were the best show on television.

Images: Nickelodeon; Giphy (4)