Will Phones Be Allowed In Luke’s Diner On 'GG'?

I’m sure a lot of things have changed in Stars Hollow since we last visited back in 2007, but phone charging stations at Luke’s Diner? That is just blasphemy. But on Friday, at VidCon, that’s exactly happened. Setting up their booths with life-size replicas of sets from your favorite original series, Netflix offered fans an opportunity to interact with their shows. But situated smack dab in the middle of the Gilmore Girls revival display and the counter at Luke’s Diner was a phone charging station, full of cables and USB ports. For a restaurant that refused its customers service if they were on their phones, the sight of so many smartphones on the counter at Luke’s Diner feels so... new to me, but it also made me wonder: Will cell phones would be allowed in Luke’s Diner in the Gilmore Girls revival? With smartphones being something that people can’t live without these days, technology could pose a big problem from Luke’s luddite ways.

You remember it well: Every time a customer came into Luke’s with a cell phone attached to their face, he pulled their chair back himself and escorted them personally out of his diner. Even Lorelai was subjected to his rude treatment whenever she would take a call in his establishment. In fact there was a sign as big as could be on the wall behind the counter. Cell phones were strictly forbidden in Luke’s Diner.

But whether or not they’ll be allowed in the revival version of Luke’s establishment has yet to be decided. In a behind-the-scenes shot of Luke’s Diner as it was being assembled for the revival, the sign forbidding cell phones was not yet up. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t on its way to be mounted. But the absence of the sign could also mean that times have changed in Stars Hollow and that phone are in fact allowed in Luke’s Diner.

But even if Luke takes the leap to allow phones in his restaurant, I doubt he’ll go as far as Netflix did at VidCon by allowing guests to charge their phones at the same time.

Sorry, Stars Hollow residents, you’ll just have to charge your technology elsewhere.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures (2)