Alexis Bledel Plays Rory Gilmore In Michelle Obama Sketch & It Might Give Us Some ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Hints

Time to officially get excited, Gilmore Girls fans, because this is almost better than a release date. Rory Gilmore is back, and she's revealing some pretty telling things about the Gilmore Girls revival. In a recent sketch with Michelle Obama, Alexis Bledel portrayed Rory Gilmore for the first time in over nine years, and it was absolutely amazing. Because fans have been waiting nine years to see Rory Gilmore back in action and now here, for the first time, we have her, in all of her bookish and brilliant glory. But does this sketch reveal anything about the Gilmore Girls revival?

It just might. Because walking into the maps room in the White House, Rory comes prepared with a stack of books for Michelle Obama. The First Lady is apparently getting ready for a trip for the Let Girls Learn Initiative, an initiative that Alexis Bledel has long been apart of promoting. but, instead of offering the First Lady a book or two to take on the plane, Rory ushers in a number of White House staffers with their arms full of books for her to take as options. Reading from a list of what she's brought, Rory insists that the First Lady have a wide array of books to choose from for her trip. And it really is wonderful to see Rory Gilmore back in his bookish action again. After all, no one in their right mind would bring that many books on an international vacation. Well, no one except Rory Gilmore.

Known for her love of books and her tendency to set herself some pretty lofty reading goals, it's no surprise that Rory comes packing with so many options for the First Lady. It's clear from this sketch that not much has changed for Rory as far as her main hobbies and interests are concerned. She's better read, I'm sure, but she's still definitely reading just as much as she once did.

But don't get too excited. This mashup doesn't mean that Michelle Obama is going to be in the Gilmore Girls revival. A spokesperson for Netflix told Entertainment Tonight exclusively that "Michelle Obama is not in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. It was just something fun Alexis did to support the launch of Michelle's Snapchat channel and her Let Girls Learn initiative."

Still, there are other hints that this sketch may reveal as well. For instance, Rory seems awfully chummy with the First Lady. She's not Alexis Bledel chatting with Michelle Obama. She's Rory Gilmore chatting with the First Lady. Does their friendly relationship suggest that her work campaigning for the Obamas turned into a political career for Rory? It could. Especially since Rory says in the sketch that she got distracted in the china room again. Again? That could only mean one thing: Rory Gilmore has definitely spent time in the White House before this little film was made.

But that's not the only career possibility that this sketch could give away. With earlier speculation that Rory could be teaching at Chilton (and press photos that show her standing at the front of a Chilton class with notes about Jane Eyre written on the board), it could be that Rory is coming to the White House as an educator, determined to provide the First Lady with the best book options that the modern cannon has to offer.

We'll have to wait until the revival comes out to know for sure just what this sketch does and doesn't reveal about Rory's current life, but it definitely seems like a few of these spoilers are ones that we can count of seeing played out in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Image: Netflix (2)