The ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Reunion Trailer Is Nothing Short Of Beautiful — VIDEO

Has your jaw been stuck to the floor ever since you put Monday's absolutely bananas Southern Charm finale in your eyeballs? Because I totally empathize. I sure as sweet tea am not the least bit over what Robyn uttered in that haunting final scene. (Did T-Rav and Landon hook up, or no? For the love of Shotski, Bravo superfan Chrissy Teigen and I are dyin' to know what happened!) Whether or not the truth will come out at the third season’s reunion is yet to be seen, but! Do you know what can be seen right this second? The Southern Charm Season 3 reunion trailer, that's what.

Here are two truths and a lie: In the captivating clip, we see the gorgeous Charmers of Charleston prep for the post-season episode, the gorgeous Charmers of Charleston chat with Andy Cohen, and every last one of the gorgeous Charmers of Charleston get along swimmingly. (I bet you can't guess which one's the fib!)

Here are some of the most crucial things that happen in the sneak peek:

  • They’re out of the Clubhouse! Finally! (Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Watch What Happens Live space as much as the next Bravoholic, but it’s nice to see Southern Charm got the customized reunion set it deserves.)
  • Kathryn wears a sequined eyeball blouse before the show!
  • Whitney wears a leopard print smock while sitting in the makeup chair before the show!
  • T-Rav says his family is less happy about this whole reality show thing than they were about that whole prison thing!
  • Shep makes a computer science joke!
  • Kathryn wears a stunning choker situation!
  • Kathryn wears an amazing Renaissance Pleasure Faire dress! What a goddess!
  • Whitney accuses someone of attacking him in “a drug-fueled rage”!
  • Landon wants to clear up “stuff”!
  • Kathryn does some no-nonsense pointing!
  • There’s Shep and Craig tension! (Noooooo. Rooting for your friendship, Team Inclusion.)
  • Andy apparently accuses Craig of lying!
  • Kathryn makes this face!
  • Cameran makes this face!
  • Landon suggests T-Rav break out some documents (I always love a good Bravo reunion document fight)!
  • Kathryn storms off!! (I always love a good Bravo reunion storm off!)

The first installment of the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion will air on Monday on Bravo. How stoked am I? Uh, on a scale of one to ten, I'm a polo helmet filled with bourbon.

Images: Bravo (3)