What Happened With T-Rav & Landon On 'S. Charm'?

If you caught yourself thinking "This golf tournament party could use a little more unhinged screaming and a little less polite conversation" while you watched The Real Housewives of Dallas finale, then the Southern Charm finale is the hour of television for you! Remember when last week's “Something’s Coming” dinner party toast debacle seemed like the pinnacle of the season’s drama? Oh, were we ever so young. Something’s else is coming, indeed. On Monday night’s Southern Charm Season 3 finale, all h-e-double polo sticks broke loose at the Founders Ball. The main players in tonight’s drama: Landon, T-Rav, and Kathryn. The conflict: As she’s made very clear throughout the season, Kathryn believes Landon hooked up with T-Rav, her on again, off again beau. Landon and T-Rav have said time and time again that they've never been romantically linked, but Kathryn doesn't buy this story. She's ready to get to the bottom of the Instagram photos and the periwinkle paint once and for all.

Within moments of exchanging an icy greeting at the Founders Ball, Kathryn and Landon are embroiled in a full-on argument: Kathryn and Landon shout! Kathryn and Landon call each other names! Kathryn storms away from Landon! Landon ropes T-Rav into the fracas! T-Rav tells Kathryn that nothing happened between him and Landon! When T-Rav says nothing happened between him and Landon, Kathryn sees periwinkle, er, red!

Shep and Craig try their best to referee (g’bless Team Inclusion)! Kathryn says she has dirt on Landon and T-Rav, but she won’t spill it because she’s a mom! Kathryn demands Landon admit to what she’s done! Landon insists she hasn’t done anything! Kathryn and Landon call each other insane! Kathryn and Landon don’t reconcile!

Just when we think the mayhem is through, we see T-Rav and Kathryn sitting on a bench inside the manor. Kathryn gives T-Rav an ultimatum: tell her the truth about Landon, or say goodbye to any chance of their relationship working out. We never see his answer. Cliffhanger.

And just when we think the mayhem is really through, we see Shep and his non-Landon date, Robyn, talking in a quiet corner of the Ball. Robyn, as we learn earlier in the ep, is Landon's friend. Landon's friend who might be down to spill some dirt on camera, that is. Please see exhibit A:

ROBYN!!! Coming in hot with the gossip in the final few seconds of the season! Who are you and where have you been all my life?! Is this comment for real? Are you serious, or are you and Shep just joshing around? What's the context? What's happening? Please explain everything, Robyn.

But before Robyn can shed another drop of light on the situation, the episode ends. It's the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

Well played, Bravo.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Bravo (3); jkmendoza/tumblr