How To Get More Snapchat Views

In a world where social networks like Snapchat are starting to dominate the way we communicate, being a social media wizard for your platform of choice — or all platforms, if that's how you roll — is a skill worth having. If you had to pick one social media app to master though, I would recommend picking one of the fastest growing ones: Snapchat. And if you've been wondering how to get more Snapchat views, I'm here to help. These 10 tips will help you leave the best impression, as well as make the strongest impact of your peers on one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Plus, did I mention that Snapchat is fun? Because it is. It's really, really fun. And who doesn't like having fun?

Also, worth noting is the fact that being good at Snapchat isn't just a creative hobby; it's something that will literally pay. You can get hired as a Snapchat producer now, as well as get creative jobs based on your Snapchat skills. Some artists, like Ryan Sichelstiel, are actually using examples of Snapchat art on their portfolios and resumes. But even if you're not looking for jobs in the Snapchat field specifically (or social meda in general), it's a pretty great feeling when your Snaps Stories get lots of views; let's be real: Nothing is more validating than people loving your social media personality. So, let's take a look at some ways you can get more Snapchat views and boost your Snap game to the next level. (And don't forget to follow @bustledotcom on Snapchat while you're at it!)

1. Post Interesting, Creative Stories

It might seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to get more Snapchat views, the easiest way to do it is to post interesting Snaps that don't make people roll their eyes and swipe out of your Story. Posting a photo of your face with a Snapchat lens, for example, might not encourage people to keep watching your story, because at the end of the day, we can all do that. Try things like doing standup on your Snapchat, making a mini movie, or putting the "rewind" filter to good use.

2. Give Out Your Phone Number. A Lot. (If You're Comfortable With That.)

According to The Daily Dot, the primary way Snapchat users connect with one another is with the phone numbers from their device's contact list, so if you're comfortable with it, throw those phone numbers out at anyone who will take them and watch your Snapchat followers (hopefully) grow. That said, there are plenty of reasons to keep your phone number under wraps, so only do this if you're absolutely OK with a lot of people being able to call or text you at all hours of the day or night.

3. Follow Lots Of People

Want someone to follow you? Get their attention by following them first and maybe they'll hit you with a follow back. Though this isn't guaranteed to get you more followers and may actually leave your follower-to-following ratio a little uneven, I've personally found it's a good way to make people aware of my account and get others to check it out.

4. Share Your Snapchat Username Everywhere

Got a Facebook page? Post a status with your username. Twitter? Tweet it. Instagram? Throw it in your bio. Tumblr? Make a post. YouTube? Mention it in a vlog. If you want to get really creative, send it in the description section of your Venmo notes when you pay someone. The more people who see it, the more followers you'll inevitably get.

5. Watch All Your Friends' Snap Stories

When someone posts a story on Snapchat, they can see who has viewed it. If your name pops up often, they'll likely be inclined to follow you (if they don't already), or at the very least, they'll likely go and view your Story. If you're following rule number one, your new Snapchat friend might spread your username as someone worth following.

6. Get Your Friends On The Snapchat Train

I know what you're thinking: What smartphone user left in our world could possibly still be Snapchat free? But although Snapchat is the fastest growing social media app, not everyone has yet discovered the joy of doodling on their selfies and sending the resulting images to everyone they know. Change that by following rule number one and convincing them that they absolutely need the app to follow your hilarious and wild life adventures.

And while we're on the subject...

7. Recruit Your Parents

If you really can't find those precious unicorns without Snapchat in your own age bracket, chances are your parents aren't in on the Snapchat secret yet and will surely want to join to keep up with your shenanigans. By tapping into the parent demographic and teaching your folks how to use Snapchat, you're not only engaging in bonding time, but are also guaranteeing yourself at least two more views per story. Plus, when they start teaching their other parent-friends to get on the app, your views will soar.

8. Keep Up With Current Events

According to a recent study, people from the United States now get most of their news from Twitter and Facebook, which means social media is an important platform for news delivery and reception. By keeping up with current events and updating your Snap Story accordingly, the demand for your Snapchat journalism services will skyrocket, encouraging people to follow your unique take on the news. It's actually proven to be successful for me; just make sure to add a twist on it making it uniquely you!

9. Add A "Call To Action" To Your Snaps

A Snapchat "Call To Action" is a way to get your followers to engage with your Stories. During your Stories, ask your followers to participate: Prompts like, "What do you think about...," "how do you suggest I...," or "who is the best..." are some good ways to encourage your followers to interacting with your Snaps and Snap or chat you back. This will enhance your followers' experience with your Snapchat presence, and in turn you'll surely get more followers.

10. Become Rich, Famous, And Influential

I bet Kylie Jenner's Snaps get a lot of views. Just sayin'.

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