Is Derek Single After 'The Bachelorette'? He's Definitely Made Of Boyfriend Material

Maybe it's because it only took a few minutes of this season of The Bachelorette for the internet to collectively realize that Derek Peth is a dead-ringer for John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert of The Office, aka the best TV boyfriend in history, but this guy seems ready for a relationship. Derek is still in the running for JoJo's heart, though I'm not entirely sure that the drama between the guys this season isn't eclipsing the whole "search for love" aspect. Whatever issues are happening between the men in the mansion, The Bachelorette will keep those rose ceremonies coming. One of them may see Derek getting the boot. I checked into his social media to see if Derek has let any clues slip about his current relationship status. If Derek is dating anyone right now, he's being very discreet about it. But, his Instagram shows a guy who looks ready to settle down.

Granted, social media doesn't always tell the full story. It's a snapshot of a person's life and usually very carefully curated. (Especially if you're a reality star.) But, whether Derek ends up with JoJo or splashes back down in the dating pool, his next mate is in store for acoustic singalongs, lots of Office marathons, and catch-up hangs with his Bachelorette castmates. Read on to see what makes Derek ideal boyfriend material.

He Can Fix Things

Obviously, it's not the dude's job to be the handy person around the house. But resourcefulness is an attractive quality in anyone, guy or girl. Derek posted this collage of him dealing with a flooded basement, and you have to admit that he's really pulling off those safety goggles.

He's A Supportive Friend

Derek obviously didn't get along with everyone in the house, but it looks like he's maintained relationships with some of his castmates. He's stayed especially close with Nashville Radio DJ Wells Adams, who's also still in the game. Wells even shared a shot of the two buds watching a crucial episode together with the caption, "Best friends drive 4 hours to #Nashville for emotional support cus they know you almost die as a firefighter." Aw.

He Has Great Taste In YA Novels

I don't trust anyone who isn't into Harry Potter, so it's good to know that Derek a.) used to look just like him, and b.) knows what "accio" means. I smell a Hogwarts-themed wedding in his future.

He Loves His Family

Derek posted a picture-perfect throwback of his parents, and no one is surprised that he comes from such attractive stock.

He Can Carry A Tune

Not just any tune, but a modern classic. Derek knows his audience and that acoustic covers of Justin Bieber songs will never go amiss with his fans. One question though: Why be ashamed? Work that Bieber, own that Bieber.

It's anyone's guess whether Derek is currently single or taken. He's keeping his relationship status tightly under wraps, but there are still plenty of personal goodies for fans on his Instagram.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC