This 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Tribute To Ramsay Is A Hilarious Memorial To The Fallen Villain — VIDEO

When Sansa Stark (spoiler alert!) unleashed the hounds on Ramsay Bolton in the final moments of "The Battle of the Bastards," Game of Thrones fans across the world cheered. Ramsay was, by far, the show's most sadistic character, and after three seasons of watching him inflict pain and suffering on everyone around him, no one was sad to say goodbye. Still, even villains deserve a memorial, I suppose, and one intrepid YouTube user created the one Ramsay Bolton memorial video you need in your life.

Set to a sincere, sad melody, the fan video from stand up comedian Piyush Sharma honors Ramsay as a "carefree lover," a "genuine friend," an "affectionate brother," a "caring husband," and a "loving son." The sarcasm is strong with this one. Adding to the irony is how each scene used in the video comes just seconds before Ramsay did something horrifying like stab his father or feed his brother and stepmother to his hounds.

Of course, comedian Sharma knew exactly what he was doing when he created the tongue placed firmly in cheek tribute. Sharma told Mashable, "I loved acting and the intensity in the character. In an ideal world, he was bad, but everyone loved to hate him. Being a stand-up comedian, I thought a sarcastic tribute would be fitting."

piyush sharma on YouTube

Sharma's tribute to Ramsay, "the nicest guy on Game of Thrones," appears to be exactly what fans needed in the aftermath of Ramsay's instantly iconic sendoff. As of this writing, the tribute has been watched over 130,000 times on YouTube, and has garnered an additional 726,000 views on Facebook. Clearly, fans needed an outlet for their joy — err, excuse me, "grief" — over Ramsay's passing. The show did lose its truest villain, after all. What are the characters going to do now, fight ice zombies? Yeah, they are probably going to fight ice zombies.

Ramsay is gone, and while I am sure many (myself included) would be happy for him to be forgotten, Ramsay will forever hold the title for being the actual worst. This lovingly sarcastic tribute to his creepy memory is the perfect way to honor Ramsay's time as the character most likely to unite the Game of Thrones fandom in universal hatred. Rest in peace, Ramsay, Game of Thrones will likely never hate another character as sincerely as they hated you.

At least not until Euron Greyjoy starts getting more screen time.

Image: HBO