Memes Of Beyonce's 2016 BET Awards Performance Prove Twitter Loved Her Surprise Appearance

Beyoncé didn't waste any time kicking off the 2016 BET Awards, treating audience members and viewers to a surprise performance of her song "Freedom" on Sunday night. Queen B literally walked on (OK, in) water as she belted the tune, which included a guest appearance by none other Kendrick Lamar (who is featured on the track on her album, Lemonade). Naturally, Twitter was loving it and took to posting all kinds of memes of Beyoncé's 2016 BET Awards performance. The reactions range from total shock to reverent joy to just plain dancing along with Beyoncé and Kendrick.

Speculation that Bey would be treating audiences to a surprise performance at the award show ran high prior to its start time, but the biggest shock was that she opened the show with no warning. OK, sure there was some warning: Her "Formation" backup dancers were spotted on the red carpet, and she's on break right now from her Formation World Tour — but who knew she would actually get the event in formation? Not that Beyoncé needs to tell anyone, of course — she's earned the right to come and go and perform as she pleases. And boy, did she please the Twitter audience of the BET Awards. The hashtag joy radiates in so many tweets.

Check them out below and get in formation with Queen B.

Is That Her?

Yup, believe your eyes. It's Bey.

Dance It Out

You know you want to.

Feel It

And they did.

And Then Kendrick Lamar Comes In

Now it's a party.

The Whole Time

Because it was that awesome.


It just might be.

Feeling Good About It

Of course.

And Being Left Wanting More

Will Bey perform again? Fans can only hope.

To sum up the performance in two words: Bey. Slayed.