Bridgette Is Up For Eviction On 'Big Brother 18' Thanks To The "Road Kill" Twist & PoV

Well, it looks like we've finally gotten the first Big Brother 18 Road Kill nomination under our belts and it was a shocking twist to say the least. It's been an intense couple of days since the premiere of Season 18. Some major alliances have been happening, with an especially noticeable divide occurring between the veterans and the newbies. While there have been tons of twists to keep the houseguests on their toes, it's the Road Kill twist that has kept me so curious as to how this season will actually play out. With the power to not only add extra paranoia to the game, the level of shadiness that results from secret nominations means that there will surely be some cracks in those currently-solid alliances we've seen happen.

In light of all of the machinations happening in the Big Brother house, the Road Kill competition was probably the one twist that nobody saw coming, but it quickly began to mess with everyone's heads.The winner of the first Road Kill competition was Frank, who played it cooler than cool when Jozea, Victor, and Paul were actively trying to suss out who might have won. Well played, Frank. Well played. That's the kind of shadiness I think we'll be seeing more of as this season plays out. Thanks to Frank, it was Paul who ultimately ended up being the first Road Kill victim and third nominee for eviction. While Paul happily accepted his fate, I had a sneaky feeling that something major was about to happen. So, naturally, that meant I had to wander over to the Big Brother Updates Twitter to see if Paul was in fact still on the chopping block. Alas, big things happened in the Big Brother house today, including this big twist:

So it looks like Bridgette has been switched in for Paul after the Power of Veto competition (which we'll be seeing play out in the next episode). Does this mean Bridgette is in real danger? She's kept a low profile so far and we haven't seen her individual competition skills in depth. While she's a genuinely intriguing presence in the house, could she just be another pawn being used to oust Jozea? Or is she going to really have to fight for her place in the house? It seems that Paul is convinced Bridgette is not in harm's way, despite the very nerve-wracking and unexpected position she has been thrust into as the third eviction nominee.

These twists keep coming and it doesn't look like they'll be stopping any time soon. Is anyone else as nervous as I am for Bridgette? I hope that she stays a pawn and doesn't end up meeting an unnecessarily early end to her time in the Big Brother house. Nicole has already voiced her fears of what happens when you risk creating pawns for the sake of genuinely ousting one houseguest; it might be time we start crossing our fingers for the best case scenario for Bridgette.

Image: CBS