'The Bachelor's Renee Oteri Is Engaged, and not to Juan Pablo Galavis

The Bachelor Family is going to have another wedding, and no it's not Juan Pablo's. A contestant vying for Juan Pablo's heart on this season of The Bachelor, Renee Oteri is engaged. She hasn't yet revealed the lucky man's name, but according to an insider source (ooh, intrigue) she's known him since she was 12 and he was even her first kiss! Too adorable. It makes sense that Renee would get engaged to someone she'd already known for a long time because we doubt the responsible mom (and basically the other show contestants' therapist) would get engaged to a guy she'd just met since she's only realistically been off the show for a few months. According to the source Renee is “so excited, and totally glowing."

The source went on to say that Renee and her fiance had dated previously but broke it off in 2010, but have rekindled their romance now. Though he knows she went on the show, the source said, "they don’t talk about it at all. He hasn’t been watching this season, and I doubt he will." Renee was nothing but a lady on the show so even if he did watch there'd be nothing to get upset about except for perhaps that Renee had to deal with JP at all.

Renee is also making one other big change; she's moving to Seattle! Former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock already lives there with her fiance Chris and tweeted her congratulations to Renee on the engagement and move.

Since the Bachelor Family is so close it seems likely that Des and Renee will have some get togethers in Seattle and talk about wedding planning. Renee indirectly confirmed her engagement news by responding to Des' tweet saying:

With the news of Renee's engagement, the potential next season Bachelorette pool has narrowed down to just Clare, Nikki, and Andi. We're pretty certain that JP is gonna pick Clare so between Nikki and Andi, our money's on Andi.

Image: ABC