'Bachelorette' Star Luke's Instagram Posts Reveal He'd Be A Great 'Bachelor'

From the time he arrived at The Bachelorette mansion on the back of a MacGyvered unicorn to Monday's much-hyped (and very steamy) makeout sesh with JoJo, Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell has gradually been working to cement himself as the favorite to win JoJo's affection. He's managed to strike a proper balance between his frequent face time with JoJo and a relatively drama free storyline, looking less like a television star and more like just a really good guy. Clearly JoJo's type and sweet and soft-spoken to boot, he could be the next obvious object of our Bachelorette's affection.

We'll have to see just how far the two get during Monday's episode, but in case Luke doesn't emerge from this season victorious, it does seem likely that Luke could be the next Bachelor, thanks to his seemingly perfect demeanor. But how much do we really know about him? The guy's pretty guarded, and though we’ve seen plenty of Luke on the show (and we’ll certainly see more on Monday), compared to some of the other contestants, he's kept pretty mum about his personal life. So, in the name of research (and bald-faced nosiness), I culled through Luke’s Instagram to learn a little more — here’s what I learned.

He Likes Coffee As Much As You Do

If Luke's Instagram is any indication, the guy is Lorelai Gilmore-levels nuts about his coffee.

He's Stayed Pals With Some Of His The Bachelorette Contestants

It does my heart good to see two of the sweetest guys of the season hanging out together — let's hope for a musical collaboration soon?

He's Certainly Attractive

No one gets abs like Luke's without being crazy about fitness, but from the looks of his Insta, he lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle.

He's About that Rescue Life

If you, like me, need your men to be down with dogs, you can rest easy: Luke is looking out for pups everywhere.

He's A Country Boy

And like any good country boy, he's all about his boots.

He Likes Taylor Swift As Much As You Do

Chances Luke's OK with you scream-singing Blank Space while you roar down the highway? 100 percent.

He's... Festive?

I'm just going to leave this here. (Enjoy?)

He's Not Perfect

Yeah, I'm not really a huge fan of this sentiment. (Up to you whether or not you can look past it.)

He's A Serious Golfer

I'm always impressed when people head off to the golf course for any other reason than the promise of driving a golf cart. You go, Luke!

He's Good With Kids (Aw)

Wow, this is breathtakingly adorable. I'm going to be fine, I just need a moment.

He Was An Adorable Kid Himself

Those are some good genes, Luke. (My heart!)

He Hunts (From the Sky)

This is probably a personal preference thing — I'm a vegetarian with absolutely no patience for guns, so naturally this makes me a little sad. But to each his own, I suppose!

He's A Legit Musician

In case you were wondering if Luke's guitar skills were limited to a few covers of "Smoke on the Water" played in his bedroom, wonder no longer. Here's Luke playing for a former president. Yeah, NBD.

Look — in case Luke and JoJo don't work out, it's clear Luke is certainly interesting enough to be fertile ground as the next Bachelor. Do you hear me ABC? I want more Luke!

Images: Veronica Gambini/ABC; giphy