What Are Paulie’s Tattoos On 'Big Brother 18'? His Body Art Has A Very Personal Message

Another week in the Big Brother house has passed and that means a whole new slew of half-naked houseguests have come across our TV screens. Especially since, on Sunday night’s episode, Frank, Paulie, Michelle, and Bridgette were forced to wear nothing but pixelated parts as a result of losing the challenge. And one thing I noticed when the four of them came shaking and shimmying out of the Diary Room was that Paulie has a tattoo that I hadn’t noticed before. Call me crazy, but I was too busy watching the game. So what are Big Brother houseguest Paulie’s tattoos? His body art says a lot about what he is ultimately playing for.

From what audiences have seen of Paulie’s pixelated body, there is only one tattoo on him. But even though it’s relatively small, his body art carries a big meaning. Because on the right side of his body, right below his heart, are three lines of Italian that reveal a lot about what is important thing to this player.

It’s difficult to make out every single word in the tattoo, but the first line is the easiest to translate. It reads, “Fratelli di Calafiore” in a cursive font that wraps almost all the way around to his back. Below that is where the tattoo gets a little tough to make out. The cursive writing doesn’t help much, but there are two more lines in Italian that are too small to make out entirely. But that first line definitely gives me enough to work with, because Fratelli di Calafiore in Italian means the Calafiore brothers. In other words, Paulie’s tattoo is likely a tribute to not only his close relationship with his brother, but to his Italian heritage and the long line of Calafiore men from which his family originates.

It’s a touching tattoo, one that shows just how close Paulie is to his family and his brother, former Big Brother contestant Cody Calafiore. But the fact that the tattoo is right below his heart says plenty about what his family and his heritage really means to him. But this tattoo could signal some spoilers about Paulie’s style of gameplay. For a man with so much allegiance to his family that he got a tattoo in honor of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also the kind of player who sticks with his alliances until the very end.

So here’s hoping that his loyalty pays off for Paulie. It would be great to see him make his brother proud on this season of Big Brother.

Image: CBS (2)