Here's What Men Really Know About Periods — VIDEO

Menstruation is a fun fact of life for many people, but remains a great mystery to many cis men the world over. Considered unclean by certain religions, and deemed gross by certain dude bros, the period is a powerful but misunderstood beast. And when men take a menstruation quiz in a new BuzzFeed video, as you might expect, their facts on the subject are a little fuzzy.

Without being told what they would be asked, four unsuspecting men were subject to this period challenge. The questions — asked by a lab-coated lady — probed their knowledge about everything from period symptoms to menstrual hygiene to the name of the tissue shed during menstruation (endometrium, y'all).

I guess you can't blame them for not knowing details about something that doesn't affect them, but I don't have a penis and I can name drop some middle school health class facts about the vas deferens and the Cowper's gland in a heartbeat. As one particularly awesome dude notes at the end: "Just because something isn't happening to you doesn't mean you should be ignorant about it." Hear, hear!

Check out this video to see how men fare when asked about periods.

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube