Watch This Woman Transform Into '90s Characters You Know And Love — VIDEO

Makeup is an art form. Don't take it from me — take it from the woman who transforms into '90s characters so well, it will have your head hurting. BuzzFeed video just released an amazing collection of makeup looks showcasing our favorite cartoon characters growing up. My misunderstood, introverted, childhood-self is glowing on the inside after watching the video fully through.

First of all, take note of the person being transformed — it's Brec Bassinger from Bella and The Bulldogs. In case you haven't been keeping up with Nickelodeon, that show is arguably the most forward thinking kids show starring a female lead. It's about a head cheerleader in Texas who becomes the star quarterback of her school's football team. Boom. #Girlpower all day, son! So who better to embody the female badasses of the '90s quite like the lead of that show? No one. Well, maybe Beyoncé. But that's because Beyoncé could be anything and anyone she wants and we would love her for it.

The video shows a team of professional makeup artists and stylists making Brec Bessinger into some powerful ladies from some top notch kids television we grew up watching. The hair, clothes and makeup are all spot on. If you were thinking of what to be next Halloween, it's never too early to start planning it all out. The video shows makeup transformations of Angelica Pickles, Aliza Thornberry, Judy Funnie and Ginger Foutley. Not bad for a couple of hours, right?! Check out the full video below:

Boldly on YouTube

First of all, let's applaud the genius use of orange hair spray. Who knew that so many characters could be created using one simple costume store item? Second, I forgot just how much I missed Angelica Pickles and her insatiable need for cookies.

While she tormented her younger cousin and his friends, Angelica's redeeming qualities were always tied to her love of her doll Cynthia. Unlike the other members of the Rugrats clan, Angelica always had responsibilities to tend to. Plus, her mother was a total boss. I remember wanting to grow up and have a cool cellphone like her.

We cannot forget the teenage embodiment of us all — Ginger Foutley. Her brother was a little off, her friends were really hyper and the bullies in her school were really rich and powerful. Ginger was all of us. Apparently there is going to be a reboot of the series soon, so a brand new generation of girls can have someone to look up to! Hopefully this can also happen for the following person hero of mine:

Eliza Thornberry was the biggest badass of them all. She could speak to animals and always had an adventure waiting for her. Plus, her sister was my style icon and continues to be an inspiration to us all. Way to #represent, Brec!

Images: YouTube