Is Cody Watching Paulie on 'Big Brother 18'? The 'BB16' Houseguest Is Still Hooked

Big Brother is a huge commitment, and not just for those in the cast. While the houseguests certainly give up a lot to be in the house for a summer, the show itself requires a daunting watch schedule. Big Brother airs on CBS three times a week, providing nearly three hours of television to watch to keep up with what is happening. On top of all that, there are the people who pay for a CBS All Access subscription to watch the Big Brother Live Feeds, which features 4 cameras usually covering two different rooms in the house for 24 hours straight. With so much to watch, is Cody Calafiore watching Big Brother 18 to keep up with his brother Paulie's status in the house?

The Calafiore brothers are so close, they both sport matching rib tattoos that say, "Calafiore brothers, a bond attached to a destiny yet to be fulfilled." This closeness continues even while one of them is in the house, as Cody has been talking about BB18 on social media and keeping up with the show's demanding schedule. Cody managed to come in second place on BB16, and seems to be sticking with his brother in the hopes of watching Paulie make it all the way to first place on his season. Here's a taste of Cody's BB18 commentary.

Paulie & Frank

Cody is obviously going to support Paulie in the house, but the BB16 runner-up is also a big fan of Paulie's teammate, BB14's Frank Eudy. Frank spent his season as a reliable and adept player when it came to competitions, so Cody seems to be confident that he will have Paulie's back.

Paulie The Pawn

Paulie went on the block as a pawn in the very first week on Big Brother in an attempt to help the returnees get out self-proclaimed "messiah of the newbies" Jozea out of the house. However, Cody has seen plenty of plans fall apart in the Big Brother house and seems to be a little hesitant.

Live Feeds

Living in the house for a whole summer didn't seem to be enough for Cody, as he seems to be diving into watching the live feeds to keep track of the house. Hopefully for him, Paulie doesn't drop any embarrassing family stories on the feeds.


Cody is Paulie's biggest fan, so it's no wonder than when Paulie mentioned the phrase "#NotWorried" in the house, Cody was quick to put it on social media and start spreading the word that Paulie was not scared to be on the block.

Cody's Personal Live Feed

As though watching the live feeds wasn't enough, Big Brother fans now have another avenue for their BB fix, Cody Calafiore's personal YouNow channel. Cody is known to occasionally hop onto the live streaming platform and discuss the events of BB18 with fellow Big Brother fans. It's the largest resource of Big Brother opinions from a Calafiore outside of the BB house you're likely to get this entire season.

Cody may be a former Big Brother houseguest, but before that, he was a fan. Now that he's out of the house, Cody is making the most of his Big Brother history by communicating with other fans and providing insight into Paulie's life. If Cody keeps championing his older brother, I wouldn't be surprised to see Paulie with an award for America's Favorite Houseguest by the end of the summer.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS