What NFL Team Was Natalie A Cheerleader For? The 'Big Brother 18' Houseguest Picked Up Some Useful Skills

Natalie Negrotti's Big Brother personality is that of a friendly neighbor who sees the best in everyone. The polite event coordinator may be kind, but that doesn't mean she didn't show up ready to play. And though it's easy to underestimate her this season, Big Brother isn't the first cutthroat world that Natalie has been a part of. She may currently work as an event coordinator, but before Big Brother 18, Natalie was also an NFL cheerleader. That experience should have prepared her for anything that Big Brother can throw at her, but which team did Natalie cheer for?

Being a cheerleader may seem like all fun, but like any career, it can also be extremely difficult. Although she has since changed career paths, Natalie was still cheerleading as recently as 2013 with the New York Jets' squad known as the Flight Crew. Natalie's time on the Flight Crew seemed to be a positive experience that she felt helped her represent her background, as she said in an interview with the team's website, "Being Hispanic, I am very prideful and proud of my heritage ... To be able to represent my community ... makes me very proud of myself." Natalie's passion for dance allowed her to live her dream and become an NFL cheerleader, and I think that experience will actually help her on Big Brother.

Natalie's time as a cheerleader has made her fearless. She said in the same interview with the Jets website, "Throw me down, push me down, I’m still going to get up and keep pursuing my dreams." Her athletic prowess as a cheerleader also gives her an edge in physical competitions, which could lead to a few Head of Household, Power of Veto, or BB Road Kill wins over the course of the season.

In her CBS bio, Natalie also said that being a cheerleader taught her "how to deal with large groups of women," which has already begun working for her, as she recently formed the Spy Girls alliance along with Bridgette and Bronte. She's also managed to charm houseguests that she isn't working with, as many competitors on the opposing side of the house seem to agree that while they are they against the anti-returnees side of the house (which includes Jozea, Paul, and Victor), they all believe that Natalie is the best out of all of them. That kind of good will could take Natalie far, and proves that sometimes being a nice person is the difference between eviction and a cash prize.

Natalie's history as a cheerleader may not seem applicable to her Big Brother gameplay, but the life lessons that she learned and physical abilities she gained are helping her make a good name for herself in the house. Natalie's time with the New York Jets may be over, but she's proving that being a cheerleader doesn't end when one steps off the field. The best thing that Natalie is doing for her game right now is cheering on her fellow houseguests.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS