Jaclyn Hill Is Obsessed With This Cute Top

by Jessica Thomas

If you're a fan of beauty vloggers and pay attention to the beauty industry at all, chances are you've heard of mega-famous beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill. From her crazy popular Champagne Pop highlighter collab with Becca Cosmetics to her latest product, the Champagne Pop palette, everything Hill touches turns to gold (literally). So it's no wonder that Hill's fans are crazy over her style, and she loves highlighting the brands of the clothes she likes to wear on Snapchat. If you're a major fan of the vlogger, you've got to find out where to buy Hill's favorite top from Snapchat.

On Monday, Hill posted a Snapchat of one of her favorite tops, and she gave her fans all the details about the adorable off-the-shoulder top. It's Topshop's Structured Bardot Top, and it's completely adorable. The top comes in a bunch of different colors, and Hill has it in bright pink, salmon and chartreuse colors. It looks like she really loves this top, right? In her snap, Hill mentioned how much she liked the fit of the top, which has a slightly shorter length that looks like it would hang amazingly on shorter people like me. Check it out:

Here's Hill's snaps of all the tops.

Doesn't it look great on the model? The ruffled sleeves are so amazing.

And it looks like the back of the shirt is a little bit longer than the front, which is always good if you like high/low hems. Here's where to get the shirt.

Livi Off-the-Shoulder Top, $60,

All of Hill's shirt colors are available at Nordstrom, and you can get even more shades of the shirt directly from the Topshop website.

Hill's shirt is totally adorable, but at $60, it's a little bit on the higher end of the price spectrum. Here are three other adorable options that are a little more affordable.

1. Cotton Top

ASOS Off the Shoulder Top in Cotton, $46,

This adorable structured top from ASOS is a little more affordable, and I think it's a great match for Hill's top.

2. Ruffled Option

Kimchi Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top, $24.99,

This striped option from Urban Outfitters is adorable, and the shorter length is a good match for Hill's top.

3. Layered Alternative

Off the Shoulder Layered Top, $18.99,

I love this layered top from Charlotte Russe, and its $18.99 price point is seriously amazing.

Luckily for Hill's fans, she's super good about posting her clothes on Snapchat, and I hope she continues doing it.

Images: jaclynrhill/Snapchat; Courtesy of Brands