When Can You Buy The Kylie Lip Kit Liners & Lipsticks Separately? Get Ready To Start Stocking Up!

Not only are we getting a trio of new shades, but Kylie Cosmetics has confirmed a major change to the existing Kylie Lip Kits. Kylie Jenner teased her three summer Lip Kit shades earlier this week, along with finally confirming a huge rumor about how she will be selling her Lip Kits.

First, about that tease. The makeup maven coyly used the grey filter on Snapchat to obscure the actual colors while showing the test tubes of her upcoming trio of summer Lip Kits! She has not confirmed the official release date for the new hues, only revealing that this trifecta will be here in July. Still,

Now, about that "change" rumor? Trendmood posted the "greyed out" photo of the summer Kylie Lip Kits on Instagram, also noting that they saw an eventually-deleted post indicating that the Lip Kit lip liners would soon be sold separately.

Until today, Friday, July 1, you could only get the liners with a Lip Kit purchase. The matte Lip Kits were the only Kylie Cosmetics lip product sold with accompanying liners. But fans have been mixing and matching and using KLK liners with the Kylie Glosses and with other Lip Kit shades.

Here's the greyscale photo.

Here is the brand new confirmation that both the Mary Jo and Candy K lipliners will go on sale on their own today.

Below is the backstory. The discussion of liners being sold separately became quite a hot topic, judging by comments on the Insta posts of both Kylie Cosmetics from weeks ago and from Trendmood's recent post.

Let's break it down.

In a post from earlier this spring. Jenner asked fans if they wanted the option to purchase liners on their own. She wanted fan input and got it. Most fans were all about being able to grab the liners separately.

Now that we know the liners are coming a la carte, it's clear that Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics are putting customer input into action.

Bustle had reached out to Kylie Cosmetics about the liners being sold separately. Below is the caption of the Trendmood post that we asked the Kylie Cosmetics team about.

The Kylie Cosmetics team replied to us via email, saying only this:

"We do not currently offer pre-ordering nor do we have a mailing list. Restock information will most likely be announced via Kylie's app and our social media. Thank you."

That's all we got from the official source earlier this week.

Some fans claimed that they saw the deleted post, which Trendmood posted, about "individually" selling liners.

I poked around the Internet and found only this screenshot of that deleted post about the liners being sold a la carte. You cans see why this rumor ran rampant.

It makes sense that the Lip Kit liners are now going to be sold on their own, in addition to being packaged with the liquid lipsticks as Lip Kits. I don't think it's prudent to sell everything separately, as it'd cease to be an actual "kit." Plus, matte liquid lipstick always looks better with liner and not all fans want to play around with color combos.

It also makes sense to sell one-offs for lip lovers who like to fill in the surface of their lips with liner before applying the liquid lipstick for better adhesion, since they might run out sooner. Or perhaps users want to further experiment with other shade pairings. What if you lose a liner or it breaks? Instead of seeking out a dupe, it would be rad to purchase a replacement liner only.

Images: King Kylie Snapchat (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); KylieLipKitNews/Instagram (1)