Andy Cohen's Dream 'Watch What Happens Live' Guests Include Top Pop Singers & A Member Of The Political World

If I could trade lives with anyone on the planet, it would be Andy Cohen. Aside from having experience as a Bravo executive producer, he has the most fun job ever as the host of Watch What Happen Live. He gets to talk to celebrities who he's a fan of about whatever he wants and gets to drink the entire time. It's such a unique talk show and Cohen is the reason for that. At the #DeltaAmexPerks Coolhaus Ice Cream Tour's New York City stop, Cohen tells me what it's really like to host Watch What Happens Live , who his dream guests are, and how he gets away with asking the often very forward questions he does on the show.

It's pretty tough to narrow down the top moments or guests on WWHL , and when talking with Cohen, it's clear that he feels the same way. Still, he was able to manage and share his favorite guests. "I think Oprah being on the show or when Cher was on," he says. Anyone who watches WWHL knows what a big fan Cohen is of both ladies.

At this point I feel like just about everyone has made an appearance in the clubhouse, but there are actually some big names Cohen would love to have on. When asked to name a dream guest for Watch What Happens Live, he can't name just one person. The 48-year-old host says, "There are a lot. Michelle Obama, Madonna, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake." At this point, I'm sure that he can get anyone he wants to be on the show, so I wouldn't be shocked if all of those people appear eventually.

As much as I obsess over watching the show, I can see why some of the guests would be nervous. There is just something about Cohen that makes people open up and say the darnedest things. He explains how he's able to pull that off: “I think people know that I’m on their side. I’m a fan of theirs and that I’m not making fun of them. I’m kind of with them... And the alcohol doesn’t hurt.”

That all makes sense to me. As much as Cohen wants to get his guests to open up, he is not the kind of host who would ever try to exploit a celeb or manipulate someone into discussing a topic they were not comfortable with.

Even though Cohen has a fun and playful side, he is still a straight shooter when it comes to how he interacts with his guests and people in general. He says, "I think people know that when it comes to me what you see is what you get." He confirms this notion when I ask if there is anything people would be surprised to know about him. "No, nothing. I'm very open." And that is why I love Watch What Happens Live.

Image: Guest of Guest