What Is The Restaurant Test? It Will Reveal More About Your Love Life Than You'd Likely Admit

Can envisioning your perfect date teach you something about your love life? A new video from BuzzFeed says, “Yes.” It presents the Restaurant Test, a personality test that claims to reveal your deepest romantic desires, just by making you think about having a date at a restaurant. Does it actually work? Honestly, I have no idea. So far, I can’t find any info about how BuzzFeed developed the Restaurant Test, so I can’t speak to how scientific or effective it is. But it couldn’t hurt, right? At best, the test will tell you something important about your dating life, and at worst it will leave you with an overwhelming craving for macaroni and cheese. And, let’s face it, the mac n’ cheese craving will probably be there whether you take the test or not.

The Restaurant Test begins by playing soothing music and asking you to visualize going on a date, but not with any specific person. It tells you to imagine walking into a restaurant, and notice lots of details: How crowded it is, how light, how your waiter is dressed. You are to imagine ordering a drink and a meal. Once you have all of that set in your mind, you can begin to discover “secret truths about your love life.” (Cue mood music.)

According to the video, the details from your imagined date reveal what’s going on in deepest, darkest reaches of your soul. If your restaurant is crowded, you’re “not ready to find ‘the one.’” If it’s empty, you’re all set for a major commitment. Do you have lots of windows in your restaurant? If so, you have many more relationships ahead. Framed pictures on the wall, in contrast, signify a tendency toward “more passionate” relationships.

What did you imagine ordering to drink? If you went with a light-colored drink, “you tend to be insecure in your relationships, but you also value them more strongly.” Dark beverages, in contrast, signify that you are more independent in your relationships

The video finally concludes, “You meal represents what you need most from a lover right now. … Whatever you hunger for, you should be seeking the same in a partner at this moment.”

So… when I tried this out, I visualized white wine and pasta. Does that mean I’m an insecure person with a desire for a partner who is energizing, comforting, and… kinda pasty? Am I just hungry? Or, does it mean that my one true destiny is to be in a devoted polyamorous relationship with booze and carbs? Yep, that last one sounds about right.

Images: Pexels; YouTube (3)