Who Is Kyle Bryan From 'EJNYC'? EJ Johnson's Close Friend Will Add More Fab To The Show

Something about EJNYC already feels like it could eclipse the show it's based on, #RichKids of Beverly Hills. Maybe it's the move from LA to New York, giving EJNYC some real Gossip Girl vibes, or maybe it's just the excitement of meeting a brand new cast of wealthy young people like Kyle Bryan, EJ Johnson's friend and, now, costar. You might recognize Kyle, because he was on Rich Kids Season 4 a few times. The main thing to note is how much EJ and Kyle's relationship has changed over the years.

Because Kyle and EJ didn't like one another right away, according to the pilot episode of EJNYC. While both living in New York, they went to the same party, and crossed paths. And, the first thing Kyle said to EJ was a somewhat sarcastic comment about the latter's python bag. But, eventually the two bonded over their shared love for fashion, and Kyle has totally embraced EJ's flamboyant style now. It takes a lot of bravery to sideye EJ Johnson's style decisions, even if it was way in the past, proving that Kyle is completely fearless. His style, his career aspirations, and his role on EJNYC make him both an exciting new designer and a great addition to the E! franchise.

He's Great At Giving Advice

On Rich Kids, Kyle and EJ gave advice to fans on Periscope about sex, relationships, and dating. And some of those questions got pretty personal, but Kyle was able to form the perfect pithy one-liner responses. And on EJNYC, Kyle was the one who wanted to give Sanaz a tough pep talk. Even on social media, he shares some of his inspirational influences.

His Personal Style Is Everything

Even though EJ and Kyle initially traded barbs over their accessory choices, the two look almost identical at this point, plus or minus a few inches of height (well, more like a foot). It's all about luxe textiles, playing with gender expectations, and monochrome.

He's Killing It In The Fashion Industry

Kyle works with designer LaQuan Smith, who has a pretty amazing client list, including Laverne Cox, Winnie Harlow, and Serena Williams. In the second episode of EJNYC, Kyle conducted a little friend-tervention with EJ over his fashion industry aspirations. The overall tone of the meeting was tough, but not mean, love, as he encouraged EJ to start small before developing a whole collection of clothes.

He's Close With His Mom

Kyle has one major inspiration who has nothing to do with fashion: His mother. This message from Mother's Day shows that family is super important to him.

He's Spending The Summer In The Hamptons

I hope this devastatingly gorgeous summer vacation situation makes it into a future episode or season of EJNYC, because this East Hampton mansion is, as the cast would say, the absolute most.

He Takes Some Crucial Inspiration From Queen Bey

Keeping Tabasco in an Hermes bag is the perfect image to sum up why Kyle Bryan is such a great addition to the EJNYC. He's totally chic, but with a slight spicy edge. And he knows his way around a Lemonade reference — obviously.

Catch more of Kyle on EJNYC on Wednesdays.