Where To Go To Grad School Based On Your Sign

Choosing whether you want to continue your education with graduate school or not can be a seriously stressful decision. It's expensive, it's time consuming, it tethers you to a location and an institution for a significant period of time, and there's no guarantee that you'll get what you want out of it. Plenty of people go to grad school and go on to land the job of their dreams. And plenty of people go to grad school only to realize that they're more interested in another field, and they abandon their degree all together — or find out that the extra education isn't enough to secure them a place in the workforce. These risks and rewards make the choice to go back to school really heavy.

If you're having a hard time with your decision and are sick of trying to weigh the pros and cons that never seem to end or out weigh each other, why not try looking past the obvious and into the past. What does your astrological sign say about what kind of person you are? What kind of student you are? What kind of job will best utilize you're innate gifts? These are the best kinds of grad schools for you, based on the common personality traits of your sign:


Geminis thrive in situations where they're responsible for sharing information. Because of this, they might want to consider going to grad school for a Master's in research. They can become research leaders, teachers, or innovators, and write about their findings.


Leos are fierce, show-stopping lions. They thrive on stage and excel in the arts. If there's anyone that's capable and qualified for a Master's in fine arts, it's a Leo, for sure. Take the stage for a few more years before heading out into the world.


People like to say that Virgos are uptight, but they're just detail-oriented perfectionists. Their extreme attention to detail and interest in the way things work make them great engineers. A Master's in engineering is difficult, but Virgos have just the self discipline to handle it.


Cancers are leaders with a natural born sense of responsibility and care. They make great social workers and would totally make use out of a continued education in the field. A Master's in social work will get them out into the community, working with people and creating relationships and change.


Scorpios are intense and competitive. They love a good win, which is exactly why they make great lawyers. If anyone's suited for an extended education in law school, it's a hardworking Scorpio.


Libras love balance, and they thrive professionally when they are able to solve problems and work with people. There are tons of hospitality management and degree programs across the country. You can use grad school to help you narrow down what part of the industry is most appealing for you.


Capricorns are hard workers. They like to stick to the rules and follow directions. Because of this consistent and ambitious attitude, they do well in the field of complicated design. A Master's in architecture might be just the thing to keep a Capricorn interested and excelling.


The Aquarius is a free spirit — they do not thrive in a hyper organized world. They thrive when they're their own bosses. They make great writers and artists and would feel just at home getting a Master's in fine arts. They can go on to be their own boss artist.


Sagittariuses love people and like to help others and make other people happy. They also love to travel. Combine these two loves and go for a Master's in hospitality and tourism. Get around the world and meet people for a living.


Pisces are always up for a challenge. They love helping people and they love long hours and rewarding work. Because of this, they make great therapists. Getting a PhD in psychology would not be a waste of time for a proper Pisces.


Aries have a total thirst for power, but they also have a hard time focusing. Joining the business world and being part of a big team can be super helpful in lassoing their attention and passion. A Master's in business might be just the thing to rally the team spirit within.


Tauruses have incredible work ethic and don't mind frustrating or long-term tasks. Because of this, they do quite well in finance. A Master's of science in finance might really set a Taurus ahead in the workforce later on and give them a huge advantage.

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