A Bad Night For 'Girls': Who Will Tune in on Oscar Sunday?

In case you didn't already know, Girls isn't afraid of a little awards show. In fact, the HBO darling series premiered on the night of the Golden Globes with two brand spanking new episodes, it ran right through the Grammy's (we aren't sure if we blame them), and now here they are, lacing up to take the Academy Awards to task. Girls will air as scheduled, and if Lena Dunham's tweets are any indication, it might pay off to sneak away from the Oscars for twenty two minutes or so to catch the girls in all of their dysfunctional action.

Any coincidence that Oscar nominee June Squibb is in the episode? Sly like a fox, Lena. The Nebraska actress appears as Hannah's ailing, outspoken grandma that doesn't exactly take an immediate liking to strangers, namely Adam and oh em gee, we cannot wait to see this unfold. Not that every episode of Girls isn't drama-filled, but this one looks especially tension wrought with Hannah's mother and aunt at each other's throats and the Horvaths plus Adam all back in Michigan. Oh yeah, did we mention that ADAM SAID HE AND HANNAH ARE GETTING MARRIED?! WHAT. THE. WHAT.

So, the Oscars? Maybe you can afford to switch channels for just a little bit. (We know we will.)

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