Who On ‘Big Brother 18’ Knows Tiffany Is Vanessa’s Sister? The Number Will Astound You

Another season of Big Brother, another season of major twists to contend with. Just like last season’s twin twist, Season 18 includes another sibling twist, with Cody from Season 16 and Vanessa from Season 17's siblings entering the house to play the game. But, while Paulie admitted on the first night that he was Cody’s brother, Tiffany Rousso kept it on the DL that she is Vanessa’s sister. Well, for the most part, anyway — it wasn’t any time at all before Tiffany was spilling the beans to various houseguests who were suspicious, or with whom she wanted to build a better sense of trust. So who on Big Brother 18 knows Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister? The number is actually a lot higher than viewers think.

For those of you who are only tuning in twice a week to watch the regular episodes of Big Brother, it might seem like the only people who know for sure that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister are Michelle and Da’Vonne. But! One look at the live feeds, and it turns out that a lot of people in the house already know that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister. It’s not always clear why Tiffany confides in who she has about her family connection to the Big Brother house, but the one thing we do know for sure is that these houseguests definitely know that she is Vanessa’s sister.


Michelle was one of the first people that Tiffany told about her family ties. Confronted with the connection by Michelle, Tiffany couldn’t really do anything except smile and admit that it was true.


Initially, Da’Vonne kept it to herself that she knew what was up with Tiffany — she how much Tiffany looked like Vanessa and came to the conclusion herself. However, eventually Tiffany told Da’Vonne herself in order to prove her allegiance to the vets.


Tiffany eventually came clean with all the vets, revealing to them that she is Vanessa’s sister. It made the vets a little suspicious, but it'll hopefully endear her to them in the long run.


Another vet who was confided in, Nicole is currently more worried about Paulie’s family ties with Cody than she is about Tiffany’s with Vanessa.


James overheard Tiffany talking and made the connection to Vanessa based on the sound of her voice. And you can’t blame the guy — they do sound almost identical.


I’m not entirely sure why Tiffany told Paulie that she is Vanessa’s sister, but I can tell you that the vets are not happy about it. Frank in particular was not pleased when he heard the news, and grew suspicious of Tiffany’s strategy.


On Day 9 of the live feeds, Tiffany confessed to Michelle that Zakiyah knew that she was Vanessa’s sister too. But, when Tiffany told Zakiyah this is still unclear. Either it was before the feeds went live, or it happened when the cameras were focusing on some other interaction in the house.

Oh well, so much for keeping things to herself!

Image: CBS (8)