Did Tiffany Lie About Her Job On 'BB18'?

Mere minutes had passed during the first episode of Big Brother 18, but already, contestants were getting strategic. And one of the first ones to start making plans to move closer to that cash prize at the end of the summer? None other than Tiffany Rousso, the sister of Big Brother Season 17’s Vanessa Rousso. While the housemates went around in a circle introducing themselves with first names, ages, and occupations, Rousso seemed to take the opportunity to say she's a middle school teacher... even though her bio in the show says she's a high school teacher. But did Tiffany lie about her job? And, if so, why? I'm thinking, most likely, she lied about her job for the same reason that Bronte did.

Like Tiffany, Bronte downplayed her position — she copped to working in “childcare,” but refused to let on any more than that (she's working toward being a mathematician), likely to avoid having a target on her back. I have a feeling that Tiffany lied for the very same reason. Instead of admitting to the group that she is a high school teacher, Tiffany said instead that she teaches middle school. And even though the difference might not seem like much to most, the assumed difference between what a high school teacher focuses on teaching and what a middle school focuses on teaching has can be significant.

Of course, it’s not the case that a high school teacher is more educated than a middle school teacher, but I can see why the housemates could assume that one would be — and why Tiffany might bank on that.

Even though it might seem like a small move to make, I’m pretty sure Tiffany’s apparent decision to do so was completely strategic. The name of the game at this point in the summer is to come off as nonthreatening a contestant as possible. Downplaying her profession and pretending that all she does all day is wrangle pubescent students is probably a wise move for Tiffany at this stage of the game.

Image: CBS; Giphy